[RADIO] HTC One M8 Radio collection for different Models/CID's

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Apr 1, 2010
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This is to serve as a collection of radios for different GSM based HTC One M8's based on its CID.

1. You should have S-OFF AND SuperCID (1111111) to flash a radio that does not match your device
2. Some of these radio files are provided by contributors of this thread (thank you!). I take no responsibility of testing them. use at your own risk.
3. **I'm not responsible if you brick your device**
4. If you have a radio file you'd like to be listed here, please share your link. Thanks!

ATT (CWS__001):
1.14.21331931.LA21G_20.28A.4145.00L RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE
1.16.21331931.LA11G_20.31A.4145.02L http://d-h.st/NUa | Thanks cruzin_cruzing!
Flash using this method (needs S-OFF):
Reboot into bootloader
fastboot oem rebootRUU
fastboot flash zip att_radio-1.16.zip

T-Mobile ():
1.14.21331931.LA02_2G_20.30A.4145.01L RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE
1.16.21331931.LA24G_20.31A.4145.02L_F RECOVERY FLASHABLE Thanks mrjaydee82 !

GPE (GOOGL001 / 1.16.1700.16): 1.14.21331931.LA02_2G_20.30A.4145.01L RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE

Taiwan (HTC__621 / 1.54.709.4): 1.15.2133156.UA14G_20.18n.4096.05L RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE

WWE (1.54.401.5): 1.15.2133156.UA13G RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE Thanks PollyValance!

Developer Edition (BS_US002):
1.15.2133156.UA03_2G RADIO.IMG Thanks Kiwiandy!
1.16.21331931.LA11G_20.31A.4145.02L RADIO.IMG Thanks winner00!

Hong Kong (HTC__622 / 1.54.708.4): 1.15.21331831.A05G_20.30.4128.04L RADIO.IMG | RECOVERY FLASHABLE | Thanks eic-chow!


Flash via recovery:
1. Download the flashable zip above and store it in your Internal or External SD card
1. Boot your phone into recovery (I used TWRP)
2. Flash the zip you downloaded
3. Wipe Dalvik/Cache
4. Reboot System

Fiash via adb:
1. Download the radio.img above
2. Put the radio.img file into your ADB folder
3. Open up command prompt and copy and paste the EXACT lines
4. adb push radio.img /storage/sdcard0/radio.img
5. adb shell
5. su
6. dd if=/storage/sdcard0/radio.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p20
7. adb reboot

To Backup your Radio:
1, adb shell
2. su (if needed to get a #)
3, dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p20 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p20
4. exit
5. You'll find the radio image on the internal sd card. rename it to radio.img if you'd like

Fastboot RUU Flash Method
1.Reboot into bootloader
2. fastboot oem rebootRUU
3. fastboot flash zip radiofirmware.zip
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Mar 29, 2008
Please check the links again. It shouldn't require a login.

Please provide your DE radio image, along with your CID, radio verion. I will add it to the list.:good:


But I cant upload here.. says the file is too large
I have made it available here:
Let me know when you have copied it and I will delete
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Oct 10, 2012
I'm sorry for being noob but what a readio can help me? It changes the cellular bands?


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Feb 25, 2011
Some advice for people with the ASIAN version of the HTC One M8 (aka 2.5 Ghz Krait phones).

I have tested the following radio's and they do not work: ATT, T-mobile, WWE, GPE. I have not tested the dev. edition radio yet. My phone has S-off and Super CID.

When you flash any of the above radios your phone will boot fine but it wont connect to a tower. After five minutes of trying to connect, the phone automatically reboots. To restore your phone you have to reflash the Taiwan radio (HTC__621 / 1.54.709.4).

If anyone with an Asian edition phone wants to double check my experiment, feel free to. The risk of damage to your phone is nil.


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Jun 25, 2009
Will flashing the AT&T radio open up the missing bands on the T-Mobile M8?

Sent from my HTC One_M8 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

I flashed the AT&T radio on my T-Mobile M8 and got excellent results. On the T-Mobile Radio I was getting very spotty lte at my house, but since flashing the AT&T radio I have not experienced that spotty signal and data speed.

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