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Jul 22, 2007
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If anyone has a dump of the G1 update that has been rolling out so I can create the radio update from that, PM me please.

Hi all,
Haven't seen anyone post an update.zip for this yet, but this is the radio img that comes with DMD64. I've used it on both 32B and G1 running latest Cyanogen.
This has been pulled from the official update DMD64 from Lucid REMs site. All I have done is pull the radio image from that.
Hope this helps.

This has been shown to work on several different versions of Dream/Magic 32B. However, please make sure you have an upgradeable radio version. ie.

There have also been instances where the Market App will not connect data-wise. brentlacydotcom found the solution (completely I hope). Those with WebGuard might have to have it removed because it does not play nicely with the new radio. Go here for info about Webguard.

Okay - Updated to have two different files
This one is for G1 users:
MD5 Sum: faf0db41d28daf1cefefc7be0fceb55c

And this one should work for myTouch 1.0 users:
MD5 Sum: 9c022efeef83df4c6b5c03a7c5812d03

1. Put either file onto the root directory of your sdcard. [/sdcard]
2. Boot your phone into recovery mode. [Either Cyanogen or Ra's recovery works]
3. Apply "any .zip" update and point it to the file.
4. When prompted, reboot your phone.
5. Patiently wait (the flea circus will do their job within your phone)
6. It should put you back into recovery, from there, reboot and you should be good.

Christopher Chavez over at Android and Me posted a great YouTube instructional video for all. Check it out here.

Just to clear things up. I don't advertise that this radio update will change your life, get you laid, or help you win the lottery. I have only posted this update because it is a new version of the radio. That's it. It came from a need (my wife was complaining of call quality issues) and I wanted to share it with the community. I would love to say this radio update will change your life...really I do. But to be honest, it is just a step up from the 26I firmware. I'm not even advertising that it's an improvement. I have seen results on mine and my wife's phones but that's it. Your experience can and will be different than mine. That is just the way hardware works. At the end of it all, if you are getting positive results from the update - awesome. If not - well, my apologies and hopefully when T-mo rolls out the actual official update, it might come with something different.

For those of you that want to go back, here is the direct link to the 26I version.

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F*ck man. I don't have the balls to do it. I use my phone as a Tether and my parents would kill me! I say shadowch31 tries it because he's mean to me!


F*ck man. I don't have the balls to do it. I use my phone as a Tether and my parents would kill me! I say shadowch31 tries it because he's mean to me!

I would but my budgie just died after I flashed a carebear! Poor bugger couldn't take the shock so sworn off flashing anything for now out of respect to his memory! *Coughs*

Sorry for being mean, I'm just evil :D


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Jun 6, 2009
Never trust a fart nor a new radio post from someone with 19 posts and seems to just be sitting there waiting for someone to **** their **** up. Good luck though

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    lol um idk because everyone who's tried it so far has already had 26I.

    Have you tried flashing 26I with a custom recovery? I assume so...
    ive tried to flash the 26i cyans and amon_RA's recovery, using only the alt shortcuts since the trackball is said to mess up the flashing process... me and a handful of other members have been stuck on this dated radio for a while...
    Another update for those that are on AT&T U.S.A. network.

    Now Im sure many of you have heard that most 2G phones will not work after January of this year.

    Since when ? Haven't heard a thing about it. Just googled it and couldn't find anything. Just AT&T ? What are you talking about ? Post a link ?

    Its just something that an AT&T email said that was sent to me.

    Direct copy-paste from that specific email:

    "Dear AT&T Customer,

    Starting in January 2011, we will be making some important network changes in certain localized areas where you are using your phone. With these changes, you may experience service interruption on your current phone associated with wireless number ***********, which may impact your ability to send, receive or sustain voice calls and data communication. Based on your usage in these specific areas, it is important that you exchange your current phone for a new 3G phone. If you have already exchanged your current phone for a new 3G phone, please disregard this email.

    Replacing your phone is easy and will be at no cost or obligation to you. Simply print this email and bring it to an AT&T company-owned retail store by January 6, 2011, and select your new 3G phone. You may pick from select 3G feature phones or 3G quick messaging devices in our stores.* We will pay for the cost of your new 3G phone and any applicable tax, and you are not required to extend your service commitment.

    We’ve made getting your new 3G phone easy:

    1) Print this email and bring it, along with your current phone, to an AT&T-owned retail store by January 6, 2011. Find your nearest AT&T store.
    2) An AT&T representative will validate that your current phone is associated with the wireless number listed above.
    3) Select your new 3G phone.
    4) At check-out, exchange your current 2G phone for the new 3G phone you selected and we’ll help you transfer your address book/contacts to your new 3G phone.**

    To reduce any potential wireless service interruption, we encourage you to visit your nearest AT&T-owned retail store and select your new 3G phone today.


    Andy Shibley
    Vice President & General Manager - Greater Los Angeles"
    i mean between these

    requires spl 1.33.0013d/requires spl 1.33.0013d/requires spl 1.33.x00x ( maybe 1.xx.x00x )