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Which Radio do "you" find the best.

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Jul 15, 2009
which radio supports 2100 band

i am from India, i want to know which radio supports 2100 bandwidth(3g). i got indian version of touch pro which does not support 3g.thank you.


Jul 15, 2009


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Nov 22, 2008
thank u for the reply sir, i went thru htc india web site and found my phone is also quad band. i will give the link below. pls help.


Sorry for the information ....

It should also have HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz

Please select other country for reference

ex: http://www.htc.com/hk-en/product/touchpro/specification.html

and also check this


I have attached the screen shot of band setting which is the only combination turns ON my radio......


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Mar 11, 2008
Well that worked fantastic, have both the Diamond and Touch Pro, which I got within the last fortnight. Updated radio to and I can now overclock the TP to the same as the Diamond - 710mhz vs 652mhz which makes a *major* difference. Hopefully the battery life will improve as well. Thanks alot to all those who did the work on this.

Incidentally TP WiFi - if I lock the Diamond (running Host v1.5 UI and the 28009 rom) it'll power down the Wifi, saving it seems alot of battery life. The TP doesnt seem to do this and eats the battery in 5-6 hours. Is this a known problem? and is there a solution? thanks in advance.

Note: it is entirely possible to use arkswitch with Host UI, simply add arkswitch as one of the UI shortcut tiles and remember to switch from it not shut it off and it works fine.

Thanks again

Jemma xx

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    20m1 radio sucks for GPS for me, but radio reeception was ok. GPS took 20 minutes to lock on!

    btw MAW did you have the touchlockpro software when you had the 20m1 radio installed? was it the radio not the proggy that did the drain?

    okey the same happened to me.. took me 20 minutes to lock.. do you sugget any that might work much better? have you changed or?

    i changed to radio and it took 25 sec. to lock 4-5 satellites ;)
    i have a touch pro unlocked gsm version with natf rom flashed and so forth.. well my prob is thateach time i try to flash a radion which were ment to be used for another phone which is supposed to work on the touch pro according to the thread, then i get an error [226]: write file. as for now i've flashed it with Raphael which do work.. why can't i manage to use anything else.. i want to try the BS radion P1Tater is talking about...
    well you guys are right... i might have dissmissed that.. and seems like there are no shortcut to secu ulock it without paying.. correct me if im wrong though...
    in Turkey

    i use blackstone radio rom...in my opinion, this radio rom is the best...the gps connection time is max 1-2minutes under full cloudy weather.
    I was using and i installed yesterday. I have no problem and i think better battery life with it.
    Should i apply any rilphone.dll?
    You might as well just stick with the one you've got, especially if you've already confirmed better battery with the new radio/rilphone combination.