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RAM usage

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Oct 2, 2017
Vivo X70 Pro+
I noticed there was a lot of dropped frame rates while playing PUBG. So i quit and shut down all the apps. Ran the optimiser and to my surprise I was not able to get more than 700mb. I ran the optimiser few times. But to no use.

Do you know why this happens? This happens quite often now. The max i get is 748Mb.

I have battery saver mode on at all times that reduces background processes. I also put loads of apps to sleep in the settings. I have Sync switched off. The biggest application i have is PUBG. I do not have any crazy mods or apps that might need certain permissions.
I have nova launcher and i have just added fluid nav with ADB settings.

I have the usual apps like WhatsApp Instagram Skype Twitter YouTube and NO Facebook or messenger.

This started only after the ADB mod. But I don't think it causes this.

I restarted my phone and got back upto 1.3GB but it goes down in few hours.

Any suggestions? I will provide more info if needed. I tried providing as much as possible

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