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Random mobile network dissconnect when using GPS navigation?

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Senior Member
Jan 3, 2015
K20 pro, MIUI 12.5.5, stock china ROM not rooted

I am getting random mobile network dissconnects on both sim cards sometimes few times a day and sometimes only once a week or so. It happens only while navigating.

If I kill the navigation app (Waze or Google Maps), the network comes back in few minutes.
If I leave it on - I am stuck on "Searching for Network" and cannot even search for newtorks manualy...
If I reboot the phone - all comes back fine and I am able to continue navigation - no problems.

Searching the net found somewhat similiar issue with OnePlus - users there complaining they are geting network/s disconnect immidiatly when using any GPS app with Work Profile enabled.

So far I did:

Swap slots
Got new SIM cards (from the same provider)
Reset APN settings
Removed dual apps (they are creating Work Profile)
Delete/Re-install Waze
Tried ON/OFF Google Location Accuracy and Emergeny Location Service

Nothing seemes to help.

I am realy not very keen on Network Reset or Phone Reset at this point...

Any ideas please? :)


Senior Member
Jan 3, 2015

Network Reset - didn't help
Flashing Official Global ROM 12.5.2 - didn't help

I am now thinking it is maybe a hardware problem... but it is still strange that immediately after restart, it will work fine for at least few hours (even few days sometimes).

Also still cannot figure how GPS receiver can cause network disconnect (Google also knows almost nothing of such cases).