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Mar 8, 2021
The fact that it stopped for a while and reappeared makes me even more confused. Which of the components can be responsible for this? I don't have any idea and trial-and-error method in this case is just too expensive to try, maybe not if you have all the components available and enough time and knowledge to swap them one by one.


Apr 16, 2012
It was fine, until yesterday, the restarts started again and now I'm experiencing one after another, so I would say it was an temporary fix
Actually, I tried to do that fix, and after I connected the battery connector, I tried to power on the phone but it doesn't start, I left it for few hours then it started by itself, and I still encounter the same random restarts.

This is really annoying, on the moment I write this comment the phone is powered off and I can't open it, need to wait few hours :censored:

I just noticed something weird, in the last time it powered off at the same time as now (it's 2:40 AM GMT+2 here, not the exact minute but the hour)
I doubt that this is something from the company to make us buy new phones as what happened with the iPhone users in past

Someone I know who has some experience in repair phones told me that this may be related to the RAM chip


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Oct 20, 2009
I've been experiencing these reboots since September 2020. With various intensity. Last week it was about 15-25 reboots a day. Last few days zero reboots. I'm done with it.

Bought Honor 10 few days after its release. First year with this phone was really good. I've sent the phone to claim warranty few days before it expired. Service center accepted it and they changed everything except mainboard. Phone gain new live for few months. Well, before the reboots started....

No solution to this problem so far. As I mentioned earlier, I suspect faulty CPU or RAM causing this issue. So propably unfixable.

I've ordered Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. So long Honor...


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Oct 20, 2009
Another development in reboots issue. Besides reboots, now it's switches off and then turn on on its own after various time (minutes up to several hours).

In last week my Honor 10 three times randomly instantly switched off. And won't turn again on, no matter for how long was I holding power button, or power button + volume up. It won't even started charging, when I plugged it in.

When it happened for the first time, the phone powered on its own after about 2 hours (not plugged in, just laying on table).
On second time, it powered on its own about 5 hours later (also not plugged in).
And just few minutes ago it happened again, powered up on its own after about 30 minutes.

Can someone explain? It's driving me nuts. How come it boots on its own and on completely random time? And it switches off even when there is little or no usage at all..
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