|RAPH|6.5|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM 'Magic' (23001) ★ || Build date 2009/7/9 ||

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Apr 6, 2007
|RAPH|6.5|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM 'Magic' (23001) ★ || Build date 2009/7/9 ||

Welcome to my kitchen!

Here's what's on the menu today...

This is an HTC Raphael ROM, based on Windows Mobile 6.5. The current build number and date can be seen in the title of this thread.

I always build my ROMs with three main goals.

  • Eye candy.
  • Speed!
  • Smoothness, consistency and good esthetics.

I preconfigure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go, how I'd want it. So, expect the backlight to be set at the maximum brightness, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications to already be set.

You will find a new ROM posted here every few days, as I always update them with the latest "ingredients" that come down the pipe, from either Microsoft or HTC. Because of that, I recommend learning to backup your settings with either Sashimi or UC (User Customization).

If you own a Touch PRO, use the "Keyboard Selector" application under Utilities > Tweaks (after you flash the ROM) to select the "Pro" keyboard layout. The ROM comes with the Fuze layout enabled by default.

I usually make 4 versions of the ROM. If you don't see one in the download directory, it either means I haven't uploaded it OR I'm not making one for the current release yet.

Here are the different versions and what they mean.

  • "Standard" includes the new TF3D2 (Rhodium Manila) along with the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 today plugin(Titanium)

  • "Standard_RD" includes the older "stock dialer"

  • "Titanium" only includes the Titanium today plugin. No Manila in this version.

  • "OldManila" includes the older TF3D Manila (as seen on a stock ROM), plus Titanium.






If you'd like to download Add on CABs for my ROM go here:



This build currently uses the RILPHONE.DLL from the latest ATT 5.11 release, along with all the 5.11 version drivers. I recommend using for a radio, for best performance with this ROM.


July 9th 2009(Current):

  • New Home screen layout thanks to cmylxgo
  • New Busy icon thanks to cmylxgo
  • Fixed squished letters on the side of the "All People" screen in Manila
  • Added "RD" build which stands for "Regular Dialer". This build includes the normal dialer (not the Tachi dialer)
  • Message enhancement package removed for the "RD" build, so you can actually make calls from emails with phone numbers in them
  • Rearranged stuff in the Tweaks section
  • Fixed a few graphics glitches in the Comm Manager
  • Highlighting in the dialer is blue now
  • Some more cruft removed
  • Increased the finger menus speed
  • Still at 23001 in case you're wondering. 23003 and 23004 have graphics and power issues.

July 4th 2009:

  • Updated to 2003 build
  • Removed Tachi dialer(!)
  • Updated start icon
  • Update more graphics
  • Loudness increased again

June 30th 2009:

  • Updated to 23001 (IE6, the widgets engine, got updated..)
  • Left Transcriber alone this time, so it's in the ROM from now on.
  • Fixed issue with the Contact Card editor not scrolling
  • Media Player should play in standby mode now
  • Added in timezone fix again
  • Changed some comm manager entries

June 29th 2009:

  • Added MMS, FM Radio and aGPS settings back in
  • Updated some more icons
  • Little things that I don't remember right now....hah

June 27th 2009:

  • Modified theme and graphics
  • New build 21820
  • Updated quite a few packages
  • More goodies to come

June 13th 2009:

  • Fixed smarttouch issues with the capacitive area
  • Titanium version now has Titanium enabled by default
  • Added Touch Pro tweaks back in
  • Fixed menu issues by going back to the normal size menus for now
  • Other things I can't remember right now.. hehe

June 12 2009:

  • Updated the Tachi dialer's smartui component to take you to Manila when clicking contact details.
  • Updated Picture Enhancement
  • Updated Ringtone plugin
  • Updated SensorSDK package
  • Updated Multimedia subsystem (DShow and mHubVO)
  • New facebook engine
  • New RSS hub
  • Added .NetCF 3.7
  • Fixed Manila tweaks shortcut (in Old Manila version)
  • All new blue highlights everywhere
  • Added HTC message enhancement plugin to complement the new Tachi dailer (you will notice the new graphics on every email page). The "To:" button doesn't currently work, yet.


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May 2, 2008
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Read me first


That means they have a SIM card.
Check the chef's sgnature for other phones he cooks for.

for the CDMA version go HERE

Flashing your First GSM Raphael ROM

The Raphael Wiki can be found HERE.



Search this site and Google before posting a question.

If you find a soultion be sure to share it with everyone.



Internet Sharing over Bluetooth - Seems MS may have messed it up. No specific plans to tackle it in the ROM but it might get resolved with a later build.



Microsoft Voice Command (MSVC):
No longer included but NRG has provided a CAB for it.

Digging that groovy EnergyROM wallpaper?

Splash Screen
Want to get rid of your old boring splash screen and replace it with EnergyROM goodness?

Tachi Dialer
Not digging the Tachi Dialer yet and want to disable it?
If you disable the Tachi dialer, the MS dialer will not show you a list of contacts, but you can still make and receive calls.
The Tachi dialer does not support video calls or landscape mode.

Find the addons HERE


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May 2, 2008
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Faq - tips and tricks - troubleshooting

For everyone:


Please update your signature.


"A general rule if you don't see your unique problem mentioned anywhere in this thread, chances are you're the only one with the problem and YOU did something to cause it.

The random hard reset problems have been around for a while. I've never experienced them myself, but I bet it has something to do corrupted blocks in your internal flash chip. I recommend searching the forum for raphdiag.nbh and using it to format your flash storage.. then install the ROM again"
- NRGZ28


"Please remember that there are a lot of variables here and the ROM is just one of them. You may have any number of the following issues:

1) a bad flash
2) an incompatibility issue
3) a settings problem
4) a large RF source in your pants

If several people all determine that they have done XYZ and have problem ABC it may be that NGR can do something about it. Until such time, you have some troubleshooting to do. Namely;
1) Flash the stock ROM and spend a few days noting the behavior as you add your software
2) Flash an NRG ROM and use it a few days without adding software
3) start adding software until the problem occurs."
- BigBadger


• There is nothing special about this ROM to make it use more power than other ROMs except that it is tweaked for performance over battery life.
• Make sure you follow all of the flashing instructions to the letter. Especially the part about the hard reset.
• Backlight is set to high. You might want to change that.
• 3G is on by default. Recommendation is to turn it off when you are not surfing the internet.
• If your radio does not match your rilphone.dll you can get crazy bad battery drainage. Make sure they match. There is a separate thread for that.
• Check to see that some application is not still running in the background. Check, do not assume. USe the full Task Manager application.
• Check to see if the screen is still on when you expect it to be off. Soft reset can fix that issue.
• Some radios work better with some carriers and locations. Asking everyone to tell you what radio to use may not give you the best answer. Be specific about your situation.
• The battery meter will not settle down and give accurate readings for a few battery cycles. Give it a while.
• For the first few battery charging cycles, try to charge to 100% with phone off and then allow battery to drain down quite a bit before recharging. Thisis so the meter will calulate drain well.
• Don't drain your batery all the way down until it dies. Not good for these types of batteries.
• The GPS sucks the battery dry. If you want to keep track of yourself, consider something like GPSToday that only wakes up the GPS once in a while.
• Maybe you don't really need aGPS enabled. Disable and check GPS lock times and battery drain.
• Applications that run from the storage card consume more power so install oft-used or background-type applications to main memory.

- BigBadger



You can change how many items are displayed in the menus. Go to hklm\software\htc\htcmenus and change the number of items in landscape or portrait and reboot.

You have to use showaco's chome editor to edit the softkeys in titanium. The included SoftKey Manager only works with TF3D. - kwill

Need a slightly larger clickable area in the upper-right corner? nrgz28 says:
one these flipped to 1 will make the area more clickable

Does your phone's clock jump one (1) hour off when you sync (ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center) with your PC? Maybe you need to install a Daylight Saving Time patch from Microsoft found HERE.

Showaco AllTabs_BGv2.2.cab does not play nice with the new (>=20090709) Home screen.

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Dec 5, 2008
Looks great so far, thanks NRG. I guess the phoenix is gone because GM killed pontiac, and I think NRGZ28 is a f-body man. Your rom is amazing thanks again.


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Jan 27, 2009
Cool! I remember NRG teased us with a few screenshots of TouchFLO 3D 2.5 on 18th June in the 06/13 build thread. I hope there are some goodies in this ROM from those screenshots. :) Thanks for your work, NRG.

Update: From the screenshots posted on the first page, it seems that TouchFLO 3D 2.5 is not ported this time around. Great ROM nonetheless!
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Jun 1, 2009
Need help!

I'm itching to flash, but I don't want to re-do all of my SPB stuff from scratch. Can someone please provide me with some insight on how to back up all of my settings and layouts for mobile shell? I plan on using Sashimi for my cabs, is there a way to save a file for my SPB stuff??


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Jan 16, 2004
I'm itching to flash, but I don't want to re-do all of my SPB stuff from scratch. Can someone please provide me with some insight on how to back up all of my settings and layouts for mobile shell? I plan on using Sashimi for my cabs, is there a way to save a file for my SPB stuff??

I believe SPB Mobile Shell has a backup and restore feature built in. I am not using it now but I believe it was under SPB system settings or something like that.