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Razer Phone 2 not starting up

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New member
Mar 20, 2020
This is my first post here but at this point I'm desperate. I've had my Razer Phone 2 for about a year or so and today I had my Razer phone hooked up to my speakers(jbl Xtreme 2 and Flip 4)and all of a sudden the music just stopped I checked on the phone and it was unresponsive.

What I have tried:

Booting it into fast boot mode,
plugging it into multiple different power sources in hopes of any indication of life to no avail
plugging it into a computer/external power source and holding the "volume down button"

Notable things:

As of recent I had occasionally been receiving the error "fingerprint hardware unavailable" while trying to unlock the device with the fingerprint power button hybrid. Furthermore I had recently installed another music app (I believe this is worth mentioning because it may be unable to start due to conflicting drivers or something of the sorts)

Please help any feedback that may lead to the solution is welcome Im willing to answer any questions that may lead to the solution as well

Thank you for you're time and I hope you have a wonderful day.