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Razs OS | Best custom rom for M30s [ROM][OneUI 3.1][M30s]

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Nov 29, 2021
Hello is it possible to add the feature to only make the battery to charge till around 80 percent to make the battery to have more longevity.. Thanks


New member
Jan 1, 2022
Hello Brother, I am facing an issue which is error 7 while trying to flash your rom. I have twrp installed and everything setup, need your help. I also tried to check the Assert line in the extracted files from the "updater-script" but could not find it. Any help would be appreciated!!!
Hello Brother, I am facing an issue which is error 7 while trying to flash your rom. I have twrp installed and everything setup, need your help. I also tried to check the Assert line in the extracted files from the "updater-script" but could not find it. Any help would be appreciated!!!
The file might be corrupted while downloading, I'll recommend to download it again

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    Presenting you the most Smoothest ROM for Samsung Galaxy M30s.

    Razs OS is a Custom ROM for Galaxy M30s based on Galaxy A50s firmware and developed by Raza Sayyed. This is a full ONEUI port. All bugs within the firmware are fixed as well as a lot of extra features added. I have also included pretty much Tweaks for better performance.

    Get the latest Razs build for the Samsung Galaxy M30s

    Current Version: 2 (Stable) Android 11

    Buttons not showing up?
    Official Website
    Mirrors: G Drive | P Cloud
    Kernal source

    • Data On-off Option on power menu
    • Google photos unlimited storage support (like Pixel 4)
    • Support to install vendor apps
    • Some cool Csc features
    • Sim network mode to Lte only
    • System and Vendor in single zip file
    • Enhanced security
    • August 2021 Security patch
    • Removed some codes which was causing heating issues
    • Fixed ui lags
    • Removed all hidden apps

    • Based on latest A50s R firmware
    • Fully Deknoxed
    • Optimized Build.prop/floatingfeature
    • Enabled High Performance Mode
    • Enabled Dolby Atmos without Headsets
    • Dolby Atmos enabled in game
    • Multiwindow tray
    • Enabled Zygote preforking
    • Added Network related tweaks
    • Good lock support
    • Flagship Edge lightning
    • Native samsung screen recording
    • QuickShare
    • Roundy UI
    • Disabled Samsung ads
    • Enabled Flagship animations
    • Increased performance
    • Enabled vulkan
    • Heavy Debloated
    • Added custom preloaded wallpaper
    • And many more...



    Unlock the full potential of your Samsung device.

    2. My Galaxy

    Includes Dual Messenger, Samsung Dictionary, Kids Home, Microsoft OneDrive, and Samsung Billing

    Gives you the most complete gaming experience possible

    Includes Facebook App Manager and Notification Services​


    1. Your phone must be Installed Custom Recovery for Android 11.
    2. Download latest build of Razs and chosen addons.
    3. Copy rom to sd card or pendrive
    1. Enter TWRP Recovery Mode.
    2. Select Wipe – Advanced ( Dalvik, Cache, data, System, vendor and product ) Swipe to wipe.
    3. Select Install – select Razs OS.zip, Swipe to confirm Flash.
    4. Install the addons you have downloaded.
    5. Select Reboot – System/recovery.
    6. Setup the Phone.
    7. Enjoy the Smoothness.

    For complete guide : Click here


    1. What bootloader does this need?
    A. It is strongly advised to install the One UI 3.1 update before installing Razs OS, for the most stable experience

    2. Do I need to flash anything after installing Rom?
    A. There is no need! Rom is already pre-patched. Simply flash all mods you need and Reboot.

    3. Is my data safe with Razs OS?
    A. Yes. Razs OS does not collect any information.

    4. I'm experiencing some bugs on my device.
    A. Feel free to report any kind of bugs through this
    contact form or Telegram. Please include logs, screenshots, or screen recordings so I can help you better.


    Special Thanks to These People

    And Lastly
    Tell me What You Say About The Rom by commenting and if you have any questions then contact me at this Contact Us page or message me at telegram. Hope You Enjoy in my Rom.
    If anyone face issue like me. please remove screen lock/pin/password before flashing new kernel. I was unable to unlock the phone though I was entering correct PIN. I tried restarting, clearing cache but nothing worked.

    Then I found a solution to remove the password through twrp without deleting or formating your phone.

    Reboot to twrp and go to advanced>file explorer and go to /data/system folder;
    delete these files:

    • password.key
    • pattern.key
    • locksettings.db
    • locksettings.db-shm
    • locksettings.db-wal
    and reboot to recovery. you will be able to unlock your phone without any password. (No data loss).
    this is really helpful even for those who forgot their PIN/password/pattern.
    Thanks for the guide mate or else you can simply flash the pass reset zip file in TWRP and done your lock is removed.
    Currently working on V2 based on latest A50s firmware with August security patch, stay tuned!
    Finally I was able to fix my issue. Thanks to the developer again. here is how I fixed it;
    1) I flashed twrp.tar (for m30s one UI 3.1) in magisk
    2) magisk created a new tar file "magisk_patched-23000_nUMDh.tar" in download folder
    3) I used odin to flash this newly created file in AP.
    4) then go to twrp and reboot to recovery.
    5) done
    thus i was able to obtain stock kernel. AFter this other issues such as logd are gone. CPU usage is also normal.
    Amazing mate :>
    Stock kernal is best! Still I'm trying to build a more powerful kernal for the coming updates.
    bro does volte work??
    Yes sir everything is working fine!