RC5 Multi-Lang Rom 6.5.X (German, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic)

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    RC5 Multi-Lang ROM!!!

    Please Test it and Report:
    What not correct Translate or not right work!!!!

    Available Lang's:
    - German
    - English
    - Russian (Thanx HeadHunter2009)
    - Italian (Thanx gslash)
    - Spanish (Thanx ricofly47)
    - Polish (Thanx maq12)
    - Arabic (Thanx bossihab)

    RC5 branch 23698: I have now modify my installer again for Resize Extended Rom (Unlock Partition before Resize) i think now it is perfect!!!! Driver are now like RC4 and a little bit registry change i hope now no Storage folder anymore!

    RC5: I modify my Installer, no Touch calibrate any more and on the first start look for Resize Extended Rom (Remove Resize Extended Rom from System)! Lang files a little bit corrected, Sys is changed to 28244 it's faster and smoother, from 216xx Lockscreen with WM Controls and provider in the left corner and E-Mail Thread from 235xx, Storage manager a little bit optimized and Registry files icon fixed :D

    DOWNLOAD RC5 Branch 23698



    PS: When it gives problems with Resize Extended Rom use my Updater open it and close directly than it will restore original partitions
    I have figured out one important thing so that the BA is really running with 6.5. There must be 1.13 radio at least - Otherwise, it doesn't boot!
    On post three you can find 1.15

    _____________ FOR ME ___________________________________________
    Power Management problem
    Look for Arabic ...

    _____________NEXT RC___________________________________________
    If you like my work make a donation for my coffee :D
    Still not working. :(

    I put BA in Bootloader (press Power+Record+Reset) then plug usb cabel then display switch from serial to usb.

    I open Your Update.exe and press cancel, the device restarted automaticly and still stuck in 3 color.

    Than re-flash the ROM!
    A Happy New Year To Everyone Here!!!

    Guess, it will be a good year for developing again :cool: Working at froyo for BA...

    Happy New Year to you too. Froyo for BA? If you could get that ported to the BlueAngel that would be incredible and right up the XDA-Developers Tradition. Personaly not a big Android fan but having it on my HD2 Storage Card for in between trials is a nice option. But for now I somehow missed your newest Thread completly. Will have to flash my BA as soon as possible.

    Edit: by the way only 6 Thanks darn old threads. Hopefully that will change now to show your true help here.
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