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Feb 15, 2013
Hey guys, I've got this problem, its pretty damn annoying. Basically, everytime i hold the power button, instead of getting a power menu (with options like shutdown, reboot, flight mode etc) i just get a soft boot. So its pretty annoying, it can be annoying when im taking a screenshot, if i hold the power button to long it just reboots, help me please?

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Edit: i also don't have Pc access for the next week so any help without pc access would be very useful :)
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Dec 12, 2012
Redmi K20 Pro
Hey guys, I've got this problem, its pretty damn annoying. Basically, everytime i hold the power button, instead of getting a power menu (with options like shutdown, reboot, flight mode etc) i just get a soft boot. So its pretty annoying, it can be annoying when im taking a screenshot, if i hold the power button to long it just reboots, help me please?

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Edit: i also don't have Pc access for the next week so any help without pc access would be very useful :)

afaik power menu options are related with framework-res.apk, frmework.jar, android.policy.jar

if you have edited them then replace these files with the original one..
may be that would help

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Feb 15, 2013
Lalit doesn't talk about any bugs for phone or play store. So try it from his Rom. If it works then just get permission.

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Feb 15, 2013
Woft doesn't talk about theDre bugs in there democracy beta 1 either.

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Jan 1, 2013
Rio de Janeiro
Woft doesn't talk about theDre bugs in there democracy beta 1 either.

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I tried bieltv.3 phone.apk, and i get a weird error: the process has stopped.
Fixed market bug. Edit: No, i didn't. After installing, logging with my google account, it force closes. Not only one apk.
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Feb 15, 2013
I tried bieltv.3 phone.apk, and i get a weird error: the process has stopped.
Fixed market bug. Edit: No, i didn't. After installing, logging with my google account, it force closes. Not only one apk.

I am not sure then, you'll need help from someone who has more knowledge.

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    Noobs are often referred to as n00bs as a sign of disrespect toward them, and it's often hella funny, but I will refer to them as noobs during this reading.

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    stFU /../, i r teh r0xx0rz liek emin3m, u cna go tO EHLL OR ATLE4St help m3 wit hthIS!!111!!!!!!!1~~1!!``!! LOLLOLOLLOLOLlOoLLOlollLLl u n00b

    Although you may find this unbelievably funny and/or annoying, it is best to restrain yourself and keep from talking back to them, as they are very territorial and easily angered. This will result in their attempted verbal abuse of you, possibly backed up by other noobs, because they work in packs when doing offensive tasks. It is not an easy task to learn this language because our intelligent accent will keep it from sounding quite right when spoken. You can write some simple noobish of your own, however, by slamming your face into your keyboard repeatedly.

    II. Where to find n00bs
    On the internet, n00bs make their colonies on forums. They migrate in waves, usually on weekends, and proceed to clog up bandwidth with stupid questions and sometimes even stupid answers. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to be on a board large enough to attract migrating noobs, there will hopefully be authority in charge who is smart enough to take extermination measures before they can make nests and larger colonies. THE BANNER HAMMER is one form of authority.

    Larger colonies can result in the mutation of some into spammers. Not commercial spammers, but pointless spammers. A noob can become one of these at any point, but the larger the amount of noobs, the more chance pointless spammers will appear.

    Off the internet, noobs appear anywhere the focus is on learning or discussing something specific.

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    They will also have large, seemingly infinite marquees of 88X31 affiliate buttons replaced with red X's scattered here and there, and possibly a hit counter showing a number less than 100. These habitats are numerous but fairly easy to avoid because only noobs link to them. So if you can identify a noob, don't go to its homepage. Simple as that.


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    Note: This section is bilingual so even noobs can make the discovery if they haven't already.

    English (T4lk)-

    Read the above parts of this guide carefully. If you find yourself unable to comprehend any of it but are instead beginning to think about how great you are and how awesome 'teh 1337' is, you might want to take one of the many available online quizzes to check your noobancy.

    Noobish (133713371337)- Liek, u gott4 re3D teh gudieCAREFUl1y and tehn OMG LIEK I AM R0XX0RZ ya anD ify 0u turn into teh reTARDED u gota go 2 MY WEBP4GE LOLLOLOL!!111~11 ad check 4 warez n stfuu. if u r a n00b go2HELL LOLLOLOlROFLMFAO11!!!11!!!! a/s/l pos gtg n00b suxx0rz ur b0xx0rz OLOOOLOLLLL HELP HELP HELP 1337133713371337

    II. Major noob avoiding strategies
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    Another way to keep noobs from interfering with your life is to become part of the authority on one of these forums. But that's often hard to do so you'll probably be better off avoiding larger forums first off. If you do manage to become part of the authority, however, take full advantage of it and establish extermination policies so that normal people can have a nice time without noob infestations.

    So how can I change this?​

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    2) Try Let me Google that for you


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    ex: My stupid phone won't boot after I flashed this version.

    This buys you nothing and will gain you the noob identity.

    This would be better stated as such

    I was able to install the new (whatever it is you installed) however, after the reboot I only have my boot screen. Here are the steps I took. Please help me understand what I did wrong and how can I fix this This will gain you a much better answer and if you've found the right person, you should get the help you need. If you feel you are being bullied, Use the steps found here {Guide} Getting a Moderators help



    I made this thread as I felt the need of having one in our section as our device is much different from the main section devices and many things from Themes and Apps section won't work here.

    Also, there also need to be an off-topic discussion thread of newbies and developers that SHOULD reduce the flooding of General Section. Also, it would be easier for new users to complete their 10 posts.

    So here

    #Your opinions, chats, suggestions, tips, etc which can help other users. No flaming needed.
    #Your discoveries. Don't post other's work as yours
    #No need of using this thread as political or social or religious topic gossip

    Hope this thread doesn't die and newbies use it and let the general section remain clean and full of genuine questions, guides and other much useful stuffs


    A noob
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    So, they deserve their names in Hall of Fame

    Note: The listing is definitely not based on rank of members, please don't compare the credibility of them. No one is best and no one is worst.


    *First Source Build of CM7 for our device and several stabilising modifications


    *First CM7 compatible kernel for our device
    *Another CM7 built from source


    *First and most popular stable kernel for our device
    *New CM7 kernel


    *Several helps in stabilising of CM7


    *First deodex ROM
    *First AWESOME ROM Razodroid for our device


    *Several deodex ROMs
    *Simplicity ROM Original Chef


    *First 15 Toggles and 6 lockscreens for multiple firmwares
    *Several other helps and informations in other ROMs


    *Several helps in matters
    *Task Manager for CM7


    *Master cook
    *Made most no. of ROMs till 28th March 2013
    *Simplicity v2, v3, v3.5, v4, v5 (Ultimate edition)
    *iOs ROM
    *Xperia ROM
    *ROM Cooking Guide
    *Lockscreen Guide
    *Wallpaper apk editing guide; etc

    iamareebjamal (Me :p)

    *Mostly Theming
    *Themed for Razodroid(ICS BOOST) , Jelly Blast v3(JELLY BLAST UPGRADED) , Simplicity v5(Galactic Intervention Mod, S3 Ripple Mod v1, S3 Dandelion Mod v2, Metrosphere Theme)
    *Cosmic Mod init.d tweaks
    *ROM Tools v1, v2 and v3
    *ADB and logcat easiest guide
    *Theming on phone easiest guide
    *Ultimate Guide
    *Reset Android password Guide
    *Amazing Audio Update
    *Script to mount sd-ext at boot; etc


    *Ported Jelly Blast v3
    *Ported amarulzz data2sd-ext and cronmod script


    *Several helps in various threads
    *Currently maintainer of GingerDX and CM7
    *App maker: ButtonLED
    *Script maker : Getevent to sendevent, etc

    Charging stops when it reaches 100% level.. Modern smartphones' batteries are made of same Lithium that makes up laptop batteries, so I don't think overcharging harms them.
    Deoedexed roms are ones wich has .odex files deleted thus saves internal memory space(correct me if I'm wrong)
    Rafael kernel is better than stock ones because it provides support for many useful features like Over/under clocking, swap memory,more CPU governors and much more(see rafael kernel's features list)..
    Hope this helps, if it does don't forget to Press the thanks button

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    Areeb , you know why you are the most hated people on the forums ? You aren't noob friendly which most of the users lately are :laugh:
    - You always are against xda users's ideas.
    - You always offend noobs by telling them "Noobs" :silly: lol xD
    - You always are arrogant.
    - You always make people sad when they see your thanks meter :p etc... etc....

    These are just some reasons of being hated on these forums. ( JUST SOME ;) :p )

    - I just remind people rules of xda. I was never against any ideas of people and welcome them. People who PM me for questions and requests will know.
    - I have never ever addressed to a a person as noob in far past and near future.
    - I am arrogant!? Dude, I may be that kind of person on fb because there is no rule there and height of people's IQ is well... I am not arrogant. Arrogant is a person who either tells I am best or doesn't let user take his work, etc. My work is open and commutative. A person doesn't even require permission to use my work, just credits. I say sorry when there wasn't even my mistake (Galaxy Y section Ultimate Guide), I give any knowledge I have in general for the betterment of community publicly as guides whereas other members refrain to do so. I want to make it easy and fast for people to be what I am today. The person Flamerstorm got with me into one more fight before and 3 days later gave me his framework.jar to add platlogo text. Without a stint of anger and rudeness, I took and decompiled it and found that there is no classes.dex, at this point also have I been arrogant have said to him that yours is not deodexed and I am not able to do it but I searched and found a solution and applied it and gave it back to him. Same thing for several other users. People request me to theme their framework, despite having genuine reason of slow connection, I do it. I ask questions to newbies which one arrogant bastard can't do. I wasted 2 weeks fixing your SystemUI.apk even when I wasn't using your ROM. Nobody told me how to reduce the path width of lockscreen. Why? Because they were the few who knew it and wanted every person to ask from them separately and they didn't tell me saying that it's exclusive (Dude, nothing in android is exclusive). I found it myself and on that same day made a guide about it. If I was arrogant, then I would have also kept it secret and teased people about it and enjoy people begging to me for help. Me and arrogant are two disjoint sets whose intersection is phi.
    - Now its my mistake that I have been helping people and doing work for different ROMs and making guides and mods and people are thanking me.
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