[Read before posting] Module-specific questions/requests do NOT belong here!

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Jan 4, 2012
Welcome to the Xposed General forum, where you can discuss the framework, installer and module development.
Before creating a new thread, make sure you've read all of this thread and the FAQ.

The following threads are welcome here:
  • Questions, bug reports and feature requests about the Xposed Framework or the Xposed Installer.
  • Questions about developing your own module and new feature suggestions for the API (please read the development tutorial first.)

When reporting bugs:
  • Read the FAQ first and search the forum to see if it has already been reported.
  • Make sure you can reproduce the bug with all module disabled. Bugs caused by modules should be reported in the module's thread - see below.
  • Include detailed information on how to reproduce the bug, as well as a logcat.

For module-related questions:
  • For support, ask in the appropriate module's thread. You can find the module threads in the Xposed Framework Modules forum, or via the module's page in the repository or Xposed Installer (look for the "Support" button.)
  • For module requests and questions on whether a module exists for XYZ, search the built-in repository first. If you don't find anything, ask in this thread.
Not open for further replies.