[READ FIRST] Eris Roll-up Thread

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Feb 16, 2010
This thread is for everything Eris, no more questions in the Android Development section.
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XDA "Mantra
Rooting/Rom Flashing/Radios/Recovery

All Current Radios

Amon_Ra Recovery

1 Click Eris Root

Detailed Rooting

Flash Recovery

Flash Any RUU

Flash Original Bootscreen W/Sound

Koush's Any Kernel Flasher

Make a Nandroid Backup

Copy a ROM to your phone

ROMS - If you want yours added because I may have missed it PM me.

Dual Rom V1.0 2.2CM/AOSP 2.1 Sense in one.... by Team ADX

FroShedYo - Froyo 2.2.1 by Workshed

Tazz Sense Froyo by Tazzpatriot

Cyanogen Tazz-By tazzpatriot

Nonsensikal-By listyb01

KaosFroyo-By punk.kaos

TaintedTenzo-By tenzomonk

Fresh Rom-By T.C.P

Droid Does-By T.C.P

xtrROM-By zach.xtr

xtrSense-By zach.xtr

Buufed-By tazzpatriot

CELB Froyo-By Conap

Evil Eris-By Framework43

ErisLightningBolt-By Conap

RUU_Desire_C_Verizon_WWE_2.36.605.1_release_signed _with_driver.exe

Retro Rom -By gnarlyc

PlaneJane-By jcase

ZenEXP-By .mak

Aloysius-By Spencer_Moore

CyangonERIS-By Framework43

Cyborg Evolution-By Pantheon

Sense-able-By Jamezelle

TheCookieRom-By CPCookieMan

Ic3ROM -By TopazAaron

Eris Official-By ivanmmj

[Script] Collin_ph Battery Tweak by Decad3nce

Battery Re-Calibration

Setup ADB on a Mac

ROMcustomizer-By Deman8899

Droid Eris Market Fix-By Jcase

Overclock Patch-By zanfur

Eris Vendor Tree

Droid Eris Nexus One Lockscreen W/out LWP-By jcase

Flash 10.1

Cricket/ Metro PCS Web/ MMS Flash

DarkTremor Apps2SD

Basic ROM Kitchen for Eris Cooks

dsixda's HTC Kitchen
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