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Oct 22, 2011
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Here is what is likely to be posted here and whats not

The following are most likely “Original Development”:

Official releases of highly original and upstream custom ROMs (built from the ground up with significant original development within them
Official releases/development of such original ROMs, perhaps posted by the maintainer or their nominated person.
A significant “first” in development for a device. Significant is subjective, but it is likely something which took considerable time/effort, and is generally accepted by developers to be significant and non-trivial.
Kernels which are built with beneficial changes that are not simply pulled from other kernels already available. Some element of original work is expected.
Tools and utilities with a clear purpose, and which are well-made, and useful to users. They should have an element of originality, either in purpose or through significant improvement in the means of operation.
Significant port of a ROM from one device to another, giving enhanced features or functionality to users of the target device. The port should be beneficial (a port from two virtually identical devices isn’t original development, it’s winzipping, and nobody really benefits from this, as it’s not development)

The following are most likely not “Original Development”, and should be posted in the “Android Development” subforum:

Your own “unofficial” stock build of your favourite original, source-built (or otherwise) ROM, particularly where an official or maintainer-endorsed thread exists already.
Minor derivatives of other ROMs with little or no changes, or ROMs consisting of “placebo” features as a main constituent or claim.
Renames or rebadges of others’ work – these don’t belong on XDA at all! Refer to rule 12 for more information.
Reposts of existing ROMs with small changes (i.e. kitchen work, such as adding a couple of apps). If you could realistically distribute your changes as an “addon pack” above and beyond a ROM, you should do so. In addition, your “ROM” would not be original development as it would be substantially identical to the original ROM.
A thread created with unrealistic goals that are clearly unachievable by those starting the thread. This is not intended to discourage high aspirations, rather to prevent threads porting Windows Phone 8 to the HTC Wallaby. This is pretty much common sense.
A ROM where a main or significant claim/feature is graphical changes to the user interface (ie. Themed ROM)


In order to be fully GPL compliant, your sources must:

Successfully build and produce a valid output file, which is the same format as provided in the binary
Contain all source code, interface definition files, scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable (it is not required to include the actual compiler/toolchain, but sufficient information should be made available to obtain the SAME configuration, including compiler flags, as used to build the binary version as released)

To put it short,

Rule No.1 - If you are about to post a new Kernel you need to be in compliance to GPL 2.0 since kernel does contain Linux code, this mean that if you have modified a kernel you MUST provide source code:

(choose what best for you)

- A github link
- packing your kernel and uploading
- a diff .patch files
- Credits to people in case of an already custom kernel
- Sources must be posted in first post of development.

Rule No.2 - If you are about to post a new Rom, you don't have to post source since they are covered by Apache, BUT you must be in compliance with XDA rule and with good sense. Remember that publishing sources is a very polite manner.

New Roms thread must contain:

- Exactly say which base rom do you used : Stock, custom from another developer, CyanogenMod.
- Permission to use said ROM as your base by the original developer(s).
- Credits given to original developer(s) in your first post: (eg: Credits and thanks for this Rom goes to XXXXX)
- Credits given, if possible, to the people from whom you grabbed scripts, themes and apps.
- Your ROM MUST BE free of paid apps, NO WAREZ ALLOWED.
- Your first post must contain as much info as you can provide, "this is my ROM" and a link is not tolerated (screens, installation procedure, CM version, kernel version etc.)
- Thread Title : " [ROM]xxxxxxxxxxx[date of release][kernel version/kernel required]

Rule No.3 - AdFly, or other ad-revenue related redirecting links, are NOT allowed. Thread will be closed and links be deleted.
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