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Realme 6 won't get updates and stuck on A.11 update.

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New member
Sep 1, 2020
I bought this realme 6 (128/4GB) from the UAE a few days ago, then brought it to Syria, I haven't gotten any updates, my device is still on RMX2001_11.A.11, meanwhile the latest is B.45 or A.40 I'm not sure.

I want to try to manually update through the realme site, but unsure where I should get the file from, the UAE realme site (B.41), or the Indian one? (B.45) Or the European one? (A.38) Because A.xx seems to be for Europe mainly, but European devices have EU after RMX2001 in the model number, unlike mine.

Device info attached below:

(Tried with a VPN to Egypt, UAE, India. Force stopped Software Update, changed router DNS, didn't work)