Realme x2 working gcam [index]

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May 10, 2015
Port Harcourt
So Yeah! I finally got my hand on the Realme X2 EU version (8/128G) and I'm loving the Phone.
You check out my unboxing video and review here:
Realme X2 supports camera2pi out of the box so the main issue here is Gcam!
I have a lot to test and tweak but I just tried one of the most stable Gcams I used for
my old redmi Note 5 ai and I was surprised two worked fine.
credits to the developers that ported these apps I can't even tell where I downloaded it from
but I will keep dropping links of Tested and WORKING GCAM for Realme X2 here.
I am still tweaking the settings to find the best settings.

GCAM 6.2 and 6.3 ( I carried intensive test with the 6.2)
see a short video with samples HERE!
What's Working?
Everything apart from 4k video recording, Time-lapse and slow-motion

GCam 6.2
GCam 6.3

I will attach a few sample pictures but you can see how they stacked up against the stock realme
camera app Here!

If you come across other working Gcam for realme X2 let me know so I can test and Index it here too.


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Dec 2, 2011
What's the level of camera2api on this Phone..

Can someone post the probe screenshot

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