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Realtime data retreival on any smart band

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New member
Jan 22, 2014

My son is having severe seizures and my observation tells me that some stuff are similar for all seizures.
He will fall, shake, his heart beat will rise while spo2 will fall.
Plenty of measurable data here.

You might not know it, but the main danger of seizure is not the seizure itself, but the environment. Falling and breaking the skull, bleeding to death, drowning, dying the face on a cushion... Plenty of stupid way to die...

It gave me the idea of collecting data from a wearable band, treat them to some machine learning tooling, and then try to detect seizure or maybe to predict them.

In order to do that, what band would you recommend to capture these data automatically and push them to an API over the net.
I'm a developer so as soon as I get the data flowing, the rest is a matter of time and effort.

My difficulty is that most if not all band provider lock the data out of reach.

Any help or band suggestion are welcome.