Rebooted Touch Diamond and the circle LED was lit up solid. Any ideas?

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Senior Member
Aug 10, 2008
Greetings All,

I had a very interesting problem happen to me and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced the problem before and what it could mean.

I went to restart my phone to boot into Android using GenY Dual Boot but after I had pressed the reset button the phone hung with a black screen and my LED circle constantly lit. Tried rebooting again and the phone did not want to know me however the circle went back to normal, it would get to the Touch Diamond screen where it will show you the ROM&Radio version on the bottom left and as soon as it got past that it would reboot and start the process again.

So I went and did a hard reset and still the phone would not boot. In the end doing a mtty flash, then a hard reset brought the phone back to life but now I am worried that there might be a underlying issue at play.

So my questions are:
What would cause the white ring to stay on?
Cause the phone to get stuck in a constant reboot?
Is there a problem with my phone that I need to get looked at?

Using the latest GenY D2X ROM with the HardSPL 1.93 and the radio 1.17. Just did a restart now and all is fine. Maybe it was a once off problem?

Thanks for any info :).

/btw not sure what to search for hence the reason why i created a new thread.
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