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Question Recommendations for fine point wireless stylus that can (reverse) charge from the back of the Pixel 6 Pro?

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roirraW "edor" ehT

Recognized Contributor
I used Magic Eraser for the first time and it would be great to always have a fine point stylus on hand to use with it like my wife and I have/had with the Samsung Note 10+.

Would also be great to be able to reverse charge over through the back of the phone, and be able to mount/keep the stylus somewhere on the phone/case too.

I'm probably dreaming a little, but I'd appreciate if anyone had any recommendations for stylus and/or a holder/mount for one.

roirraW "edor" ehT

Recognized Contributor
To partially answer my own question, I finally found some news articles from a year ago announcing that there are general plans to develop universal styluses which recharge via NFC. I don't see any more recent news and can't find any actual products yet. Wah.

New collaboration to bring NFC wireless charging to USI pens for mobile devices

You might soon be able to charge your Chromebook USI stylus via NFC

There are also stylus pouches that either magnetically or otherwise stick to phones or cases.