Recommended apps/ways to help managing elderly people's Android phone remotely, from being scammed?

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Mar 8, 2007

What's your recommended apps/ways to help managing elderly people's Android phones remotely?

It's getting harder and harder for my parents to follow the fast-changing pace in the smart phone world.

Instead of trying to check and teach them through video links, or ask them to manually activate Teamviewer quicksupport every time (black screen on privacy screens),
is there any good apps with good reputation for this purpose?

Mainly I wish it could start up on power on and can wait for connection without manual activate service.
List installed apps and allow me to uninstall unwanted apps, maybe update apps as well.
Able to prevent apps being installed would be great.
Able to add phone numbers to blacklist/whitelist of phone calls / SMS.
Open source one would be preferred. Paid apps are ok.

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Feb 4, 2017
Try this