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May 3, 2015
LG V20
OnePlus 7 Pro
You might find something here..
Wanted to say thank you very much for pointing me to this! Exactly what I needed! I learned I have to unpack the image and get all of that and now I can customize it however I want UI wise!
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    New unofficial builds are up

    Android 13 support
    fbev2 now working

    Note that fbev1 build is untested, test fastboot boot and report
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    Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We started from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery options, then added a lot of our own features. It's a fully touch driven user interface , no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.

    Key Features:

    Touchscreen driven with real buttons and drag-to-scroll
    XML-based GUI that allows full customization of the layout true theming!
    Settings are saved to the sdcard and persist through reboots
    Ability to choose which partitions to back up and which to restore
    Ability to choose to compress backups now with pigz (multi-core processor support for faster compression times)
    Onscreen keyboard
    Easy selection of internal/external storage

    In addition to the above new features, TWRP features a scripting engine that allows an app to send commands to the recovery for the recovery to perform during startup. We call this scripting engine OpenRecoveryScript. This engine will be put to use immediately in the GooManager app. GooManager will be able to install recoveries automatically for most supported devices. The app will also let you choose to install multiple zips from within Android, wipe, and run a backup.

    We are looking for other talented developers, themers, and device maintainers if they are interested in helping with a free, open source project.

    Source Code:

    GitHub - https://github.com/TeamWin/android_bootable_recovery

    Gerrit Instance - http://gerrit.twrp.me

    If you have made your own TWRP build for an unsupported device, please let us know. We might add your build to the list of unofficial builds. Bear in mind that we are working hard to add more devices and we may add your device to our official build list later.

    Hello, this is TWRP, for Oneplus 7/Pro/5G that supports Android 11
    can be flashed to boot with working decryption on android 11 roms

    backup/restore is unreliable

    1. fastboot boot twrp.img
    2. go to Advanced > Flash Current TWRP
    3. after that is done, if you were using a custom kernel, reflash it now
    4. if you were using magisk, reflash it now

    Updating to a newer build:
    1. download new build to internal storage
    2. go to Advanced > Install Recovery Ramdisk
    4. select the new image
    5. after that is done, if you were using a custom kernel, reflash it now
    6. if you were using magisk, reflash it now

    Send me a beer: Crypto(Preferred) | PayPal


    Telegram group: https://t.me/NSSFB

    Download: https://twrp.me/oneplus/oneplus7pro.html

    Unofficial 12 builds: https://www.pling.com/p/1835156/
    new build is up

    fixed decryption on newer roms
    added an option to auto flash TWRP after flashing a rom
    fixed the problem where you needed to refresh sizes before being able to flash TWRP
    this is now official

    Uploaded new build for non FBEv2 fixing backup in most cases, you should still not depend on TWRP backup as the only backup you have as restoring while encrypted can be problematic
    Will there be an installer zip or just an .img?
    Read the Installation instructions, there's a new experimental feature replacing the need for zips.