[RECOVERY][3.3.1-3][a50dd]Unofficial TWRP recovery for Galaxy A50

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Jun 3, 2020
Odin Keeps failing

I installed odin v1.13.1 and the samsung usb drivers from the developer.samsung website

Here is what odin keeps saying:

My phone(Samsung Galaxy A50 A505U.05) will just get stuck at the logo screen if you let it go into regular boot mode you can restart it into the bootloader or recovery mode.


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Mar 14, 2011
Just 2 problem search to backup rom, first a message appear that una le to find partition and secondo after arrive 5% of backup the screen bacame black... phone was power off!?



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Mar 9, 2018
Help- I have stuck in boot loop and not able to perform flash.

Hello all,

I have stuck in bootloop and cannot perform a firmware flash. because my OEM is locked.
Please suggest me what should i do.

How can i unlock a oem in the boot process.

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    back up all your data before starting​

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.


    - magisk works.
    - encryption/decryption doesn't work.

    Install guide:

    1. you are in stock rom ..
    2. go to settings and remove your google accounts ...
    3. reboot to stock recovery ..
    4. wipe data/cache
    5. reboot to boot-loader ( download mode )
    6. open Odin... choose AP and select the downloaded file TWRP_3.tar
    7. connect your phone to usb and click start... immediately click volume up + power button tail you are in twrp
    8. if you cant open internal storage on computer... format data on twrp.



    install this decrypter .

    thanks to geiti94 and Mauronofrio and Zackptg5

    this one too
    I had removed all accounts and formatted data/cache partitions before flashing the TWRP file. However, the first time I missed booting immediately in to recovery and the OS started booting instead. So, I rebooted in to recovery and it is stuck on the TWRP splash screen since then. So, did the half boot in to the OS result in encryption of the data partition once again?

    Tried just about everything but still stuck on the splash screen. I don't know when the battery will run out now but do hope that I will be able to get in to download mode once it does so or otherwise I think I got myself a brick.

    no needfor battery to drain, just Press volume up + down + power with USB plugged in and when the phone turn off release power and keep pressing up/down buttons. and you'll be directed to download mode
    I see. Then I'll be preserving my knox for the mean time until a stable and Magisk-able TWRP is available.

    There is magisk with stock recovery? Can you tell me where can I find this thread? Also will this method trip your knox? Thanks.

    You can always install Magisk with stock recovery for any firmware using topjohnwu's guide over here. However, Magisk installation will always trip Knox.

    Also, TWRP might be helpful in flashing various patches, especially for GSI releases that you cannot do with the stock recovery.