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[RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][Unified]Official/Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 7/7 pro/5G (Stable)

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Dec 6, 2011


New member
Sep 7, 2021
Can I use the OnePlus 7 TWRP on a OnePlus Nord (OxygenOS 11), since there is no TWRP image for the Oneplus Nord yet?


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Oct 1, 2013
I've been away from this scene for too long, been working way too much. Soooooo question. What's the best TWRP we have right now? This one or Nebrassy's builds? I'm running this one from this thread unencrypted at the moment.


Senior Member
Oct 19, 2012
Hey needed some help
I was running havoc os Android 10 and updated to havoc os Android 11 , in my excitement forgot to flash twrp and magisk again , now after installing and booting and playing with the rom , went to make a twrp backup and that when I realized my mistake had the havoc os recovery there instead of twrp went to flash twrp again and by mistake flashed the 3.5 instead of the 3.4 , now when booted in to recovery the screen is flashing on the twrp logo , tried flashing the 3.4 it gets stuck on the OnePlus logo with fastboot mode it freezes there what to do now ?
Not a pro or anything have installed roms on my previous devices but first time on my 7pro
Lost also my magisk instal after trying to flash 3.4 back and can't click on any allow permissions on any app even going in the permissions tab in setting can't click any thing
Help please

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