Development [Recovery] [A325x] [Stable-ish, Unofficial] TWRP 3.6.2_12.1 - Galaxy A32 4G

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Feb 5, 2022
sry i forgot to update the download link for TWRP .img file. Please check if you have latest version (20220703).
yeah i had 20220703 but im going to try flashing again just to make sure

edit: it didnt work and shows same issues mentioned in last post
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May 19, 2021


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    I did the procedure with twrp on my A325M, installed the aosp gsi rom and it booted fine, but the wired headphone jack didn't work. It can be fixed?
    If your using a phh' aosp based rom you can go to settings then phh treble settings and then misc and then select use an alternate way to detect headsets. Then reboot and lmk if it works
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    #include <not_my_phone.h>
    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is... still valid?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    TWRP 3.6.2_12.1 - Samsung Galaxy A32 4G

    Current Status: Stable-ish

    Supported Models:
    • SM-A325F: tested by @Long266 .
    • SM-A325M: tested by @Melky777 .
    • SM-A325N: not tested.
    Bugs known so far:
    • TWRP cannot decrypt userdata if you set lockscreen. (one said it works, other it doesn't, so idk I'll just leave it here, YMMV)
    • Flashing anything shows many "unlock" red lines. (They are currently harmless by our knowledge)
    • If you are going to root, there is a patch needed to ensure functionality.
    • USB-OTG
    <!> There can be many more bugs unknown to me and testers. Report as soon as you face problem. ;)

    <!> PSA: I don't have the device to verify some of these bugs.



    If you have TWRP or any custom recovery installed and bootable, you can upgrade instead; Look below.

    <!> the installation will require WIPING DATA. You will also lose access to all Knox-based solutions like Secure Folder.
    Backup every precious data you have on your phone.

    <!> PC is required. Windows is preferred. (You probably know what you are doing when using Linux/Heimdall. We don't talk about Macs)
    • Unlock Bootloader:
      1. Go to Settings > About Phone > About Software. Tap build number (10 times) until "you are now a developer" toast shows up.
      2. Go back, go to Developer Settings.
      3. Turn on OEM unlock toggle.
      4. Turn off your phone, hold vol-up + vol-down, then plug in charging cable (please don't use 3rd-party charging-only cable, it must have data transfer capability).
        Your device will boot into download mode with a warning. Accept it.

      5. Hold volume-up until the phone shows the bootloader unlock panel "Unlock Bootloader?".
      6. Press volume-up again. Now your phone bootloader is unlocked.
        <!> It will now begin the process of wiping data. Let it do its job.
      7. When it reboots to OS, finish setting up your device.
        Double check to make sure OEM Unlock is still ON.
        ‎ ‎
    • Preparing for the installation:
      1. Download everything above onto your PC.
      2. Install Samsung USB Driver.
      3. Open Odin.
      4. Connect your phone to your PC. There should be a COM entry on the top.
      5. Make sure your phone is in Download Mode. (see step 4 of section Unlock Bootloader)
      6. Make sure that OEM LOCK and REACTIVATION LOCK on your screen show "OFF". If it's not off, DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER.

        <!> For those with lock ON, use your device for 7 days without rebooting once. Then check the locks above again.
    • Installing:
      1. Ensure phone is in Download mode.
      2. In Odin:
        • Load in Userdata: VBMeta_disabler.tar file.
        • Load in AP: TWRP TAR file.
      3. Prepare yourself. keep your hand on Volume-up and Power button (don't press yet).
      4. In Odin, press Start. It will flash, then reboot. When the screen turned off, quickly press Vol-up and Power button to boot to recovery (this should take about 20~30 seconds).
        <!> You should have TWRP up and running now.
    • Post-Installation:
      • MUST: Trigger Multi-disabler.
        1. In TWRP, go to Advanced > Terminal.
        2. Type multidisabler, then enter. If it fails with something about vendor free space, run it again.
        3. Run multidisabler again.
        4. Go to main screen. go to Wipe > Format Data, type yes then swipe.
        5. Reboot to Recovery. Now you can do other stuff.
      • Should: Backup all vital partitions:
        1. In TWRP, go to Backup
        2. Backup: EFS, Modem, NVRAM.
      • If you want to root, MUST: make NVD_IMEI read-only.
        <!> Magisk has a bug on MTK A-only devices where after some time the IMEI is lost, causing loss of mobile communication.

        <!> For now please refrain from rooting your A32.

        <!> If you still wish to continue, BACKUP EVERYTHING FIRST, ESPECIALLY NVRAM/EFS. Then, please follow instruction here as mitigation under OneUI:

        Magisk issue:
        I will update this when the issue is fixed. And of course, follow the XDA thread above for full updates. The mitigation isn't perfect and users already reported some quirks.

    • Enjoy: Reboot your phone to have a rooted stock, install custom stuff or do whatever you want.


    <!> Use when you already have any custom recovery installed (TWRP, SHRP, Ofox and the likes)
    <!> You can also use Odin to upgrade, the steps similar to the Install section. All Post-installation, if already done, is unnecessary to do again.

    GSI and related stuff:

    GSI should be directly flashable now. Big credit to @Long266
    • Install TWRP, do all the instructions.
    • Download a GSI. Phh's is a good start.
    • If downloaded an XZ file, extract it to get an IMG file. Copy the IMG file to your phone.
    • Reboot into TWRP.
    • Tap Install > Install Image > Select your GSI .img file.
    • Select System Image, then flash.
    • If previously you were on stock, Wipe > Format data.
    • Reboot System.
    • Profit.

    Source codes:

    • Devs involved in the making and maintaining of TWRP, twrpdtgen, Magisk and base software.
    • All the Testers.
    • @Long266 as tester, collab-dev.
    • @ianmacd for multidisabler.
    • @afaneh92 for a32x base tree and MTK-Samsung multidisabler.
    • @dronkit and @Mighty_Rearranger for Magisk-IMEI fix on MTK devices.
    • @klfld for GSI installation guide.

    Older Release(s):

    Footer Infos:

    Status: Beta
    Current Stable Version: 3.6.2_12.1
    Created: 2022-03-24
    Last Updated: 2022-07-03
    try flashing via fastboot!
    I saw a video of a Brazilian doing it on the A22
    I could install the Lineageos 19.1 GSI! I had to use this zip as a workaround, that allows flashing dynamic partitions even if the TWRP doesn't. I also made a treble overlay for this device (vendor.img), that fixes power profiles and all this stuff, ill upload it now if anyone is interested.

    To flash the GSI you have to rename the .img file to system.img, put it in the same location than the zip and flash the zip. I have the scripts inside the zip to check if it didnt do anything weird and the source code seems safe, tried two GSIs today.

    What doesnt work with the Lineage GSI or phh's AOSP is MTP and the fingerprint reader. Also i can't get encryption to work, the GSI crashes if i don't use multidisabler to remove encryption from the fstab. Everything else works flawlessly from my testing.

    For file transfer i'm using ADB with this tool, it's even faster than MTP somehow Python ADB File Explorer

    EDIT: Uploaded vendor.img with the overlay for this device, ill push the changes to github later.
    Download here: vendor.img
    TWRP-12.1 for A32 4G is out. Bugs are mostly the same but at least this is bootable on stock OneUI 4. :v

    I did make a change to TWRP flags (here),
    Would've love if someone can test installing GSI without needing additional mods like in the guide.
    (of course, don't do this if you don't have backups of everything)
    I can't install large IMG files to internal memory? For example a gsi?
    I should clarify that I don't own the device and all the testing was/is done by @Long266 .
    These specific questions should be inquired to him instead (on his thread here: ).

    Anyways, the bug that you are mentioning means that you can't flash images FROM internal SD card. GSI and image stuff should be flashable from other places like external SD or cache. Zip files are so far working as intended (as is they are flashable from anywhere).

    To be fair, there could be flaws in his testing methodology and you should try it yourself.
    Thanks Bro
    I will owe the test of the A325M. I have no SD card at the moment.