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[Recovery][ALPHA][ANDROID-10][22-05-2021] LineageOS Recovery 17.1 for Realme X50 Pro 5G (RMX2076)

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    This is a LineageOS Recovery compiled from the source tree of LineageOS 17.1 for Realme X50 Pro 5G. This is part of my ongoing work to port LineageOS 17.1 to this device. Work on the actual LineageOS 17.1 ROM is still under way (but it should be available very soon), while the recovery has been usable for quite some time now. Since it is not possible for TWRP to support any device launched with Android 10 for now, I figured that this might be useful even before I release the LineageOS custom ROM (e.g. people may want to flash Magisk on official ROMs).

    Instructions (Installing Recovery)

    1. Run `fastboot flash recovery recovery.img`
    2. Run `fastboot reboot recovery` to enter LineageOS Recovery

    Instructions (Installing Magisk)

    You have to use the official Magisk, version 20.4 or later. Installing an older Magisk will make the system unbootable.

    1. Download Magisk >= 20.4, put onto computer
    2. Reboot to LineageOS recovery, select `Mount /system` (you may see some errors, but they can be safely ignored)
    3. Select `Apply update from ADB`
    4. Run `adb sideload Magisk-xxx.zip`
    5. You will see a signature verification error, select `Yes` to bypass the check
    6. Reboot to system to enjoy your Magisk installation.


    DOWNLOAD lineageos recovery for X50 Pro 5G
    Need few testers to test roms, recoveries etc.
    Finally someone tried to make custom rom for this phone good job👍
    UnLuckily i don't own this device. But i have build for testing. Last one booted. Few bugs were present, so latest build need to be tested.
    i have files for android 11, i share it with you, so we can cook TWRP for android 11
    I don't own the device but i have source codes for roms and recovery. Pm me on telegram.

    Join the telegram group in this thread to get test build
    Great, I'm doing that now