[RECOVERY-BETA] Eris Multiboot recovery hack

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Jun 10, 2008
In a conversation with enatefox recently he asked if it was possible to dualboot an android phone, I thought it was and set out to make that happen. This is that work.

This is a VERY EARLY BETA! It does function, but its rough. Don't expect this to be smooth or easy yet.

This image is based on Amon-RA-v1.6.2

What you need to do:
This hack will boot a rom from SDCard. It expects to see system.img and data.img on the sdcard as well as init.rc.

System.img needs to be a disk image of a filesystem that the kernel can read(I've been using ext3) around 170MB(Thats the Eris's NAND size for system)

data.img needs to be a disk image of a filesystem that the kernel can read(I've been using ext3) as big as you'd like your data partition to be(This holds your apps etc, so a couple hundred megs is good)

init.rc needs to be the init.rc of your rom with two changes
You need to remove the lines where it mounts /system and /data.

Once you have those three files on your sdcard, and have flashed this recovery you're ready to try your first boot.

Reboot into recovery, you'll see the normal usual recovery menu(I'll add an item eventually)

connect to the recovery console with adb
run 'adb shell /bootfromsd'

It will APPEAR to have done nothing for a bit, this is normal. Its booting your rom now. Once it gets to the place in the rom where it would display the splash screen, you'll get a splash as usual. You can watch it with logcat if you like.

I've personally booted the following roms from SD.


Good luck!

V1: http://www.multiupload.com/UJNJLQWL17

If you like my work, think about donating to my coffee fund. :)
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Jul 20, 2010
this as well as the herculean update schedule of KaosFroyo convinces me that Punk.Kaos should have his own kids show.

"But Punk.Kaos! that's impossible!"
Punk.Kaos appears in a superhero outfit with a silvered cape, poses and says,
"No little Jenny. Impossible is only what we have yet to try."


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May 24, 2010
quick question kaos, so when i want to boot to a different rom i have to adb it on recovery every time??


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Mar 24, 2010
This is some incredible work. I wish I could donate. .I'm kind of speechless....just some ill work being done by you kaos.

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May 17, 2009
not getting time to try to night kaos, maybe tomorrow. or i may wait till a newer release.

if you need a tester for a newer build. let me know ill be glad to lend a phone out to ya.

just pm me if you want that i test for you.

thanks again kaos.


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Feb 1, 2010
Very excited to try this out... thanks Kaos!!!

Question though, do we need to generate the .img files ourselves, or do we get the .img files from a nand back up of the ROM we want to be able to boot from?