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[RECOVERY] Custom Recovery Image [CWM Touch]

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Sep 3, 2007
ASUS ROG Phone 5
Yes you can root a phone with a locked bootloader but that does not mean you can just overwrite/remove install-recovery.sh to allow to install and keep a non stock recovery.

EDIT: You can edit the .sh but an alternate recovery wouldnt be signed so wouldnt come up with a locked bootloader. So imo because they could boot to cwm their bootloader likely isnt locked.

EDIT: Unfortunately the closest I fiound to verizon was the 120s I mentioned.

But I have seen instances where updates were tricked into believing a device was stock by using /system from another device. Have to find where I saw that one...

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I am going to try all this tonight with the verizon one. Wanted to last night but killed my battery finding root (and with the verizon demo app that I dont want to stop until I am sure it wont break it).

Look first, post second. Stop guessing.
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    This recovery was made using the EK-GC110 recovery.img ramdisk from the latest firmware release. The CWM Touch is from a Samsung Galaxy SGS3 (Same board), modified with the custom kernel for the EK-GC (stripped version from this forum). The original recovery was used to provide the corrected init and fatal values, but all other aspects are relatively identical to the SGS3.

    The recovery functions work, and appear fully functional. Keep in mind this is still in the testing phase. Work is being done to rebuild the necessary device configuration files based on information about the EK-GC and SGS3. The only aspect untested is the sdcard formatting options.

    StarKissed Galaxy Cam Recoveries

    This brings custom recovery to the Galaxy Camera, which is accessible by holding the zoom toggle to the right (red indicator should be on +) and pressing the power button. The difference between recovery and download mode is whether or not the shutter button is also held. Keeping the shutter button pressed will result in launching the Odin download mode.
    YES!! Sorry for the late reply, this works!
    Heimdall didn't work with the original files either. Anyway, I have CWM now and can do backups and screw around without fear :)

    Thanks so much both of you, very awesome!

    I have a feeling the tar command was corrupted when I went to add it to the script because I had the Linux command in the Mac section.

    Over the next few days I will start releasing the mods and packages I've been working on. Currently the deodex is a 1:1 replacement of files to work with almost any region, but I am working on being able to do the phone/sms mod and reboot without having to have a specific build or lose the sound menu options.
    Update right from the source: http://www.samsung.com/us/photography/digital-cameras/EK-GC120BKAVZW-specs
    Verizon model uses MDM chipset vice Exynos. Won't this affect trying to use all the same source for kernels and recoveries?!? I hope not...

    Old: I have to ask because I can't seem to find the answer to this but I thought I caught somewhere that at least the Verizon GC120 uses an MDM qualcomm chipset vs the Exynos 4412. Is that true and if so wouldn't it affect this? If not I'm happy to be proven wrong but couldn't come up with a solid answer.

    *I'm hopefully picking up a Verizon variant of this soon but likely won't if I can't at least use recovery. If I do I can provide you whatever files you would need from it for this and/or the kernel. Thanks for all your work either way!

    That would make things a little different, but only in respect to getting a different kernel into the recovery for that one. It should be an easy fix.
    It gets better ;)
    Any idea if it works on the EK-GC100 (3G and Wi-Fi version) ?

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    Should work on all variants. The radio isn't called by recovery so I see no reason it wouldn't.

    This is the stock recovery of my device. Thanks for taking the trouble!

    I didn't forget about you. Tomorrow I should be able to get something together that will work.