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[RECOVERY][enchilada] Unofficial TWRP 3.2.1-3 for OnePlus 6 by wuxianlin

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Jun 8, 2013
Entire credit goes to @wuxianlin; I've just mirrored and organised stuffs.




  • Download required files from Downloads section.
  • Unlock the bootloader.
  • Reboot to bootloader.
  • Boot into TWRP: fastboot boot recovery-xx.img
  • Change Partition slot using TWRP: [Reboot => Change_Slot]
    (for example, if you're in slot A, change it to slot B and vice versa)
  • Flash twp-installer zip.
  • Flash Magisk (use latest) for root access (optional).
  • Success!
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Oct 25, 2010
OnePlus One
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
There is a textfile in chinese (i assume) which I let go through google translate:

Maybe this will give some new information:

One plus six use ab partition, bring a lot of inconvenience to the brush, temporarily suggest less toss
One, unlock BootLoader (pay attention to backup data)
1. Developer Options Open OEM Unlock
2. Enter the fastboot mode: adb reboot bootloader
3. Unlock: fastboot oem unlock
The mobile phone prompts whether to unlock, the volume key selects Yes, the power button confirms
4 wait to boot
Second, brush into the specific boot
1. The disk boot folder has many types of boot
Official boot: the official original boot, recovery mode for the official recovery
Twrp boot: After brushing into recovery mode becomes twrp
Boot-with-magisk: automatically install migisk after brushing, recovery mode is official recovery, need to install magisk apk
Twrp boot-with-magisk: automatically install migisk after brushing, recovery mode is twrp, need to install magisk apk
For example, boot-180513-h2os.img is based on the hydrogen OS 180513 version, be sure to match the use
Other files are similarly named
2. Brushing method
Enter the fastboot mode: adb reboot bootloader
Brush into the boot partition (boot.img is the path to the file being flushed into)
Fastboot flash boot boot.img
Fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
Fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
3. Restart
Fastboot reboot
Third, fastboot brush
Network disk fastboot flashable folder stored fastboot mode can be brushed into the img file
For example, you want to brush the system.img to the system partition (system.img is the path to the file you are working on)
Fastboot flash system system.img
Fastboot flash system_a system.img
Fastboot flash system_b system.img
For example, you want to brush the vendor.img to the vendor partition (vendor.img is the path to the file to be scanned)
Fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
Fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img
Fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img
Fourth, twrp card brush official ROM reserved twrp method
Twrp card brush official ROM brush common patch /twrp folder under the patch package
Note, twrp card brush official ROM, in fact, brush into the current partition does not start, after brushing is complete, activate the partition, restart after running this partition, but at this time twrp run in the current boot partition, need to restart the system into twrp Or restart the recovery mode into twrp, restart the boot partition and the partition started at this time is consistent, brush into the patch for the current boot partition has a role, otherwise the patch package is likely to be brushed into the next boot does not start Partition
Fifth, install magisk
If it is fastboot brush boot, directly brush into the boot with magisk
If it is twrp card brush official ROM, card brush twrp patch, restart twrp or restart boot into twrp, and then brush the patch under the commonly used patch / magisk folder
Six, install the supersu
Twrp card brush official ROM, card brush twrp patch, restart twrp or restart boot into twrp, and then brush the patch / supersu folder patch, even the computer input adb disable-verify, prompt Successfully disabled verity, restart
Seven, install xposed
If you have installed magisk, install xposed directly in magisk
If you have already brushed supersu according to the above method, add the official xposed patch and restart it.
Eight, third-party ROM
Temporarily unknown
Nine, expand the extension
Interested friends are expected to notice that you can choose to brush img into the _a or _b partition in the tutorial of brushing the img into the corresponding partition.
So how do we know if our phone is currently using a partition or b partition?
1.twrp mode, restart, there will be shown below
2. System mode, adb shell getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix
If _a is a partition, _b is partition b
AB Division, except for Google’s mobile phone, it is rare to see other mobile phones use,,,
So there are few methods related to playing online games,,,
Weibo: wuxianlin000000

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