[RECOVERY][EVO4G][NOBRICKS] TWRP 2.2.1 with on-screen keyboard! [2012-07-28]

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Great. So is this stable and less prone to bricking? I just rooted my old Evo 4g just to see what it could do. I followed your notes on achiving the rooting, everything is great, updated the radios.

So far i am on the older recovery with pushing all those up down arrow and power button, but do love the twrp touch response.

My stats
android 2.3.5
htc sense 2.1
Software 4.67.651.3
pri 2.33_003
prl 60792
Hboot 2.10
Recovery ClockworkMod V2.6.0.1

Looking to run Jellybread... will the older recovery still work or should I run Smelkus or the twrp file you have on the post?

I am currently on the MikG v3.11 looking good...

So any thoughts
Doesn't matter which recovery you use, as long as you change from ClockworkMod.

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    For those of you who have been waiting for the triumphant return of TWRP 2. Well wait no longer! TWRP 2 is back for the supersonic with 100% less bricking!*

    *Anything is possible... we take no responsibility for actual outcome on your device

    Team Win Recovery Project 2.2, or twrp2 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. It’s a fully touch driven user interface – no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.

    Phone look:

    Tablet look:

    v2.2.1 - various bugfixes and HTC Dumlock support now built in for latest hboots that don't support flashing to /boot.

    CHANGELOG (for 2.2.0):
    - On-screen keyboard in recovery! -- supports long press, backspace repeat, and swipe left deletes everything left of the cursor
    - Name new backups and rename existing backups
    - Rename files and folders in the file manager
    - Pseudo-terminal emulator
    - Support decrypting an encrypted data partition on Galaxy Nexus (enter password using keyboard)
    - Backup archive splitting -- allows backup and restore of data partitions larger than 2GB
    - Simplified XML layout support between resolutions
    - Added dual storage selection radio buttons to zip install, backup, and restore pages
    - Improved zip install compatibility
    - Updated update-binary source code
    - Numerous small bug fixes and improvements

    The fastest and easiest way to install TWRP is to use the GooManager app
    For downloads and instructions please visit our TWRP website and choose your device in the dropdown menu

    If you have found a bug, please consider posting it to our github issues log. It's pretty much impossible for us to keep up with the more than 30 threads that we have for the devices that we "directly" support. If you have a significant problem that cannot be answered in this thread, your best bet is to PM me directly, contact us via our website, or find us in our IRC channel below. If you see someone that's struggling, feel free to point it out to us. We need your help to help us keep track of all of our devices! Thanks!

    Live support is available via #twrp on Freenode with your IRC client or just click this link.
    Hmm... I actually had thought we had that feature in 1.x but I don't see it. I'll remember that when I'm thinking of things to do. :)

    So right now we do Cache, Dalvik, Data (Factory Reset), System and External Storage. What are the "temp files" if not Cache? And as for the 3 times, that's not really necessary. I haven't seen anyone have to do that with twrp and haven't really heard of anyone doing it period for around a year.

    I agree completely that three wipes is totally unnecessary and said so in my thread, but people like it despite it being a myth. I just included all three of Calkulin's wipe scripts directly in the recovery.

    1) Caches: Cache and Dalivk

    2) Format all: boot, cache, data, system

    3) Superwipe: (1 + 2) x 3plus the "temp files", which is a whole bunch of files starting at line 1419 here that Calkulin wrote as a script for the EVO.

    It wouldn't make sense for TWRP to include that given your broad range of device support. Superwipe would just perpetuate a myth, but wiping both caches and format all are convenient. Again though, you guys have a much broader range of devices and configurations to consider. Mine was 100% geared toward the EVO and its user base.
    We've done some private testing on the Supersonic / EVO 4G recently. So far all testing has been good and there have been no bricks. We believe that the bricks were caused by a problem in the mtdutils source code that we were using in the 2.0.0 releases. We have updated this code to the latest available from the CM repos and that seems to have fixed the bricking. So, I'm going to open it up for public testing for anyone that's willing to take a chance. For your trouble you will get a recovery with a full touchscreen GUI, an on-screen keyboard, zip queuing, etc. Note that just booting the recovery was not what caused the bricks. I think it was restoring a backup that included boot.

    If you try it, post if it's working for you or not.


    Fastboot instructions:
    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.2.1-supersonic.img

    Flash Image:
    Put the image onto your sdcard
    For adb, use: adb shell flash_image recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.2.1-supersonic.img
    From terminal emulator, su first then: flash_image recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.2.1-supersonic.img

    Good luck!
    Just updated the OP to reference the new build. I would probably have done this sooner but I've been out of town. Enjoy the latest and greatest custom Android recovery ever compiled!
    Looks like Amon_Ra with a few tweaks. I can't find a full feature list comparing it to Ra (which it looks like it was forked from). But yea, we are proud. :) I wouldn't say "I" since I haven't really done anything myself since the early 1.x releases.

    A few tweaks yes, but they were just what was missing from that great recovery. Auto reboot after backup or restore being my favorite. Glad to see TWRP safely back on the EVO. I have it on my Nexus 7 and it is a sweet recovery. Nice job Dees Troy and Team Win.

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