[RECOVERY] [OFFICIAL] [Decrypts Android 11] OrangeFox Recovery for OnePlus 5T

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    OrangeFox Recovery
    Replace TWRP with OrangeFox once and you won't go back
    - Initial Official build.
    - Decrypts Android 11

    1. Overview
    2. Why OrangeFox?
    3. Features
    4. Screenshots
    5. Links
    6. Installation procedure
    • Probably the most beautiful recovery out there.
    • Synced with the latest Teamwin changes.
    • Designed with latest Material design 2 guidelines.
    • Included customization.
    • Inbuilt patches, like Magisk and password reset patch.
    • Password protection.
    • Fully open-source.
    • Frequently updated.
    Why OrangeFox?
    OrangeFox has been operating for over two years. In that time OrangeFox have improved the quality, stability, and device support of the recovery. Today OrangeFox is the leader in stability, UI design, and UX. Installing OrangeFox means being with the latest code and fastest fixes.

    ✅ Treble & Non-Treble Support
    ✅ No compatibility.zip error while flashing OxygenOS
    ✅ A lot of customisations
    ✅ Extremely beautiful UI ready to please your eyes.
    ✅ Dev team is always ready to fix your problems
    ✅ F2FS support

    Screenshots at and on Sourceforge

    Support group: https://t.me/orangefoxop5t
    Download: https://orangefox.download/

    Installation procedure:
    There are two methods to install OrangeFox

    A) Via a recovery (for those with TWRP installed):
    1. To install an OrangeFox zip, flash it with OrangeFox (or any TWRP-compatible custom recovery) without any wipes.
    2. Do the same thing if you want to upgrade OrangeFox
    3. When you flash an OrangeFox zip, there is no need to flash any DFE or any other such thing
    4.To install an OrangeFox img file, boot into fastboot mode, and run the command: fastboot flash recovery OrangeFox-xyz.img

    B) Via Fastboot (For those without a recovery):
    You need a PC for this. If you do not have a PC, or access to a PC, then you are stuck!

    1. Unlock your bootloader (if not already unlocked)
    2. Install adb, fastboot and the relevant USB drivers onto your PCs)
    3. Download the correct OrangeFox zip file to your phone, and to your PC
    4. Extract recovery.img from the OrangeFox zip file, and copy recovery.img to your PC’s adb directory
    5. Reboot your phone into fastboot/bootloader mode
    6. Open up a command line window / terminal emulator on your PC
    7. Change to the adb directory on your PC
    8. Flash OrangeFox Recovery by using the fastboot flash recovery recovery.img command
    9. Reboot into OrangeFox by pressing the power + volume down keys, until you see the OrangeFox splash screen
    11. After OrangeFox has booted up, check that everything is working – eg, that it has mounted the data partition successfully, and that the touchscreen works.
    12. Find and select the OrangeFox zip on your phone, tap on it, and swipe to install it (because OrangeFox Recovery needs some files from the zip)
    After installation, the phone will automatically reboot into OrangeFox
    Congratulations 🤩
    Now official.
    Long live the Fox 🦊

    Device: Oneplus 5T
    8GB 128GB.
    UI 10/10
    Installation 10/10.
    Keep it up 👍
    Thanks 😀 for the nearly instant reply Mr.Conkel.
    Of course I am into custom ROMs, needless to say. I like stable, featured and powerful software (software as God commands I like to 😁 say). Right now I am still running AospExtended 5.7 on a Z2 Pro, you can guess I don't like to unnecessarily mess with my software when it works.
    I am wondering what to choose for the 5T (which is not for me but it has to be like if it were), my intuition is leaning me for a crDroid build. Suggestions are welcome.
    I also see people speaking about the “encrypted vs unencrypted” storage thing (I have never encrypted my storage), and the need to flash a no-verity-opt-encrypt zip (?) patch. Suffice to say I am green in this respect, just read Download no-verity-opt-encrypt All Versions @ Android Infotech, which still does not make much sense to me regarding the encrypted vs unencrypted thing. However, since I am rooting it smells like flashing no-verity-opt-encrypt is mandatory for me.

    LoL sorry for the long off-topic.

    If your looking from a daily perspective I highly recommend running Android 10 as A11 is still pretty rough around the edges and isn't as feature heavy yet. Although that will come in time. For now I would recommend crDroid A10 or Resurrection Remix A10 (A11 isn't out yet). I use Rr as a daily with MadKernel it works great. All these threads are relatively easy to find. But for stability over features always go with LineageOS. Cr and Rr hardly have any bugs but they do exist and you can run into a few issues. Just let me know if you need more information.

    Its a finished product, latest build can be found by speaking with @Maitreya29 directly. As I believe its held in the testing group
    Dont dm him for latest build, its in Telegram.
    So any issues flashing this? Bit nervous to as I've found a fair amount of recoveries don't let me reboot and I get stuck on a black screen, with just a blue led notification.

    Would just like to know anyone's experience so far.

    Running well here
    Dumpling, custom ROM, no encryption, Flashed over the last Fox build
    Backed up and tried a full restore
    Working as expected.
    Thank you OP!