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[Recovery] Official TWRP for Galaxy S6 edge (3.0.2-0)

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Jun 5, 2020
No verity link not working

It has been a while since this thread was made, so I'm not optimistic for a reply, but I just got around to tinkering with an old device and I'm looking for no-verity to flash onto it after TWRP. The link in this thread isn't working, any chance a different one exists?

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It has been a while since this thread was made, so I'm not optimistic for a reply, but I just got around to tinkering with an old device and I'm looking for no-verity to flash onto it after TWRP. The link in this thread isn't working, any chance a different one exists?

For those looking for the link like me, there was a previous reply with a new link. Kudos! My old device now works with TWRP. :laugh:
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    Team Win Recovery Project 3.0.2-1

    WARNING #1: Flashing a custom recovery to your device will trip the Knox warranty bit on your phone. Check with your mobile provider to see if they will still cover warranty on Knox bit triggered devices. If you understand this risk, continue on.
    You generally don't have to worry, as it's incredibly hard to brick a Samsung device, and physical damage warranties should be exempt from Knox triggering.

    WARNING #2: The Galaxy S6 edge (6.0+) stock boot image has dm-verity, which prevents you from booting if you swipe to enable system modifications!
    SOLUTION: Flash a root such as SuperSU or phh-superuser. You can also flash no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip.


    Oh come on, you know what it is - don't try to fool me!
    In case you're serious, though...

    Team Win Recovery Project is a custom recovery for Android devices.
    It allows you to back up and restore your data, flash custom ROMs to your device, repair broken file systems, and root your device.


    You can find the device page here:

    There is a download link there, as well as instructions on how to flash it.

    I highly recommend using Odin to flash when possible.
    You can find a zip containing Odin as well as a link to Samsung's Mobile drivers page here:

    1. In your ROM, go to Settings -> About device. Tap 7 times on Build number to enable Developer options.
    2. Now go to Settings -> Developer options. (above About device)
      You need to enable OEM unlock, otherwise you might end up with boot problems or be unable to flash later on.
    3. Extract Odin_3.10.7.zip to your computer.
    4. Install Samsung Mobile Phone Drivers for Odin to find your device.
    5. Download a .tar image of TWRP for your device variant.
    6. Reboot your device into Download mode. To do this, select reboot from the power menu and hold the [Volume Down] + [Home] + [Power] buttons while your device reboots.
      Once you reach the Download mode warning screen, press [Volume Up] to continue.
    7. Open Odin and place that TWRP tar file in the [AP] slot without touching any other options, then press [Start].
    8. Hold [Volume Up] + [Home] + [Power] buttons near the end of the flash, and keep holding them until you are in recovery.
    9. At this point, you will reach the screen asking you if you want to allow system modifications.
      By swiping right, you will trigger dm-verity, and if you don't follow step 12 you will be unable to boot!
      If you are going to root your device and follow the rest of these steps, then it is safe to swipe right and enable modifications.
    10. Only if you want your internal storage or data partition to work in TWRP:
      Go to [Wipe] -> [Format Data] (not advanced wipe) -> type "yes".
      WARNING: This will wipe your internal storage, disable encryption, and factory reset your phone!
    11. Go to [Reboot] -> [Recovery].
    12. If you only want a bootable system partition or readable data in TWRP:
      Download dm-verity and force encryption disabler.
      Without exiting TWRP, transfer no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip to your device over MTP* and flash it using [Install] in TWRP.
      ** If your internal storage is encrypted, you will need to use adb sideload instead.
    13. Go to [Reboot] -> [System].
    14. Wait up to 5 minutes for your device to finish setting itself up.
    * MTP, known as Media Transfer Protocol, is the same way you transfer files from your PC to your device when booted into system.

    • v3.0.2-0 (twrp.me) - same as v3.0.2-1
    • v3.0.2-1 - New device tree and kernel, support added for Marshmallow, f2fs, and MTP.
    • v3.0.2-0 - See here for the changes.

    • MTP support
    • USB Mass Storage support
    • Micro SDcard and USB OTG storage support
    • f2fs file system support (read, write, format, backup & restore)
    • exFAT file system support (read, write, format)
    • NTFS file system support (read, write)
    • ADB root
    • Full SELinux support
    • Built in android 6.0 tree



    You can find us on IRC at #twrp on chat.freenode.net.
    You can also post in this thread and I will attempt to answer any questions you may have.


    TWRP: https://github.com/omnirom/android_bootable_recovery (android-6.0)
    Device tree: https://github.com/TeamWin/android_device_samsung_zerolte (android-6.0)
    Kernel: https://github.com/jcadduono/nethunter_kernel_noblelte (twrp-6.0)


    Gerrit for TWRP: http://gerrit.omnirom.org/
    Gerrit for officially supported devices: http://gerrit.twrp.me/

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Team Win Recovery Project - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    jcadduono, Team Win & friends
    Source Code: https://github.com/jcadduono/android_device_samsung_zerolte

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.0.2-0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-05-27

    Created 2016-04-08
    Last Updated 2016-10-02
    Is there an updated link for dm-verity? The one you provided does not work any longer.

    Here you go :)

    so...no one's going to give any input on issues with https://idlekernel.com/twrp/zerolte/3.0.2-1/ ?

    zerolte is S6 edge....

    zeroflte is S6....

    PLEASE: State your model (ex. G925W8) and the exact filename that you flashed. (even if everything is perfect, I need to know which is safe to release!)
    If you ran into an issue, name the issue and include a recovery.log (Advanced -> Copy log to SDcard)

    Confirmed working:
    • G925F - zerolte : #35
    • G925I - zerolte : #34
    • G925W8 - zeroltecan : #33

    Devices with issues:
    • None so far

    Unconfirmed devices:
    • G925FD - zerolte
    • G925P - zeroltespr
    • G925R4 - zerolteusc
    • G925T - zeroltetmo
    • G925K - zerolteskt
    • G925L - zerolteskt
    • G925S - zerolteskt
    • G9250 - zeroltezt
    Alright, this is what I did for my S6 Edge 925F which works fine so I thought I would share it with you guys:
    I flashed the latest TWRP using ODIN from this link:
    which is the same link given at the bottom of this post along with the instructions as well:

    After rebooting the phone (which looped a couple of times), I flashed the latest SuperSU 2.71 (Beta) from ChainFire in the newly flashed TWRP which is given here:

    And now I have TWRP with SuperSU. I need to mention that I rooted my phone with CF-Auto root previously so it was already rooted, but I just wanted to have custom recovery for flashing other .zip files.
    I also tried the latest stable version of SuperSU first, but it had problems finding and installing binaries. But there are no problems with the latest Beta (2.71) so far.
    Builds are coming soon, just putting a thread up for a reference on the device page!