[RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos)

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Feb 28, 2022
My phone is S8 Android 9. I wants to install latest twrp on my phone so that i can install android 13 custom roms.

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    Team Win Recovery Project 3.1.1
    Exynos ONLY.
    In NO way it is compatible with Snapdragon variants including but not limited to American(U/A/T/P/V), Chinese(0/8/6), Hong Kong(0), Japanese(SC-*), Canadian(W) variants.


    #include <std_disclaimer.h>

    Special Notes:
    1. DON'T FORGET TO ENABLE "OEM UNLOCK" (located in Developers options).
    2. KNOX will be tripped once you flashed custom binaries to your phone.
    (Your warranty may be voided. However this may not affect you if your country, European Union for example, forces Samsung to provide hardware warranty regardless of software status.)
    More Infos: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooting_the_Android_operating_system
    3. Samsung Firmware OTA (aka System Updates) will no longer work once you flashed custom binaries.
    (You can flash custom ROMs if you want to keep the OS up-to-date.)
    4. It is HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED to purchase any access to any kind of private forums, ROMs or Kernels.

    Galaxy S8 (dreamlte - Exynos vaiants - G950F/FD/N/X)
    Galaxy S8+ (dream2lte - Exynos variants - G955F/FD/X/N)


    Check #2.

    Check #3.

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    Join to get quick support (when you find my guide confusing or meet any unexpected problem).
    You can also discuss about ROMs(this group is "neutral" so you can discuss about or review any ROM. Note: Devs: Do NOT aggressively advertise your work.), get latest updates from developers or report possible bugs.
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    XDA:DevDB Information
    TWRP for Galaxy S8 and S8+, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy S8

    Source Code: https://github.com/TeamWin

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2017-04-24
    Last Updated 2018-07-22

    Notice: It may wipe all your data including those in internal storage.

    Part 1 - HOW-TO FLASH TWRP:
    1. In your ROM, go to Settings -> About device. Tap 7 times on Build number to enable Developer options.
    2. Go to Settings -> Developer options and enable OEM Unlock option.
    3. Download and Install Samsung Mobile Phones Drivers.
    - Option 1: Download and Install Smart Switch for PC.
    - Option 2: Download and Install standalone driver package.
    4. Download and extract Odin (Samsung's Flash Tool) to your computer.
    5. Download a .tar image of TWRP.
    6. Reboot your device to download mode.
    - Hold [VOLUME DOWN] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] for approx. 15 seconds.
    - Read the warning carefully.
    - If you agree, press [VOLUME UP] to get into Download mode. If you don't agree, STOP.
    7. Open Odin and place that TWRP tar file in the [AP] slot.
    8. Connect your phone.
    9. Hold [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] on your phone and then press start on Odin.
    10. Wait for the phone to reboot. DO NOT release [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] or you may not reboot into TWRP.

    Part 2 - HOW-TO INITIALIZE TWRP: (for new phones)
    1. If you completed Part 1 successfully, you should be in TWRP now. At this point, you will reach the screen asking you if you want to allow system modifications.
    2. Select "Keep /system RO". (Don't swipe right or you may not be able to boot into system if you failed to complete next steps. However, you can swipe right to allow modifications if you are confident that you can complete next steps.)
    3. Go to "Wipe" menu of TWRP and you will find "Format Data". Press "Format Data" and type "yes" to continue.
    4. Go to "Reboot" menu and Press "Recovery" to reboot TWRP.
    5. Download the latest dm-verity and force encryption disabler zip on your computer.
    6. Transfer the zip to your phone.
    - Option 1: MTP: Connect your phone with computer and just copy the zip to internal storage. (similar to how you transfer files when in system.)
    - Option 2: ADB: Connect your phone with computer and run command "adb push /path/to/zip /sdcard/".
    - Option 3: External SD: Copy the zip to an external SD and then insert the card to your phone.
    7. Go to "Install" menu of TWRP and flash the zip.

    TWRP is initialized and fully functional at this stage. Now you can either reboot into system or root, flash custom ROMs via TWRP.

    Part 3 - HOW-TO ROOT:
    1. Download the flashable zip.
    - Option 1: Magisk
    - Option 2: SuperSU (untested)
    2. Transfer the zip to your phone.
    3. Go to "Install" menu of TWRP and flash the zip.

    1. Download the flashable zip.
    2. Transfer the zip to your phone.
    3. Go to "Install" menu of TWRP and flash the zip.

    Aug. 02:
    Merged AQG kernel updates from Samsung.
    NOTE: AQG or later bootloader is supported and REQUIRED from this version.

    May. 30:
    Possible fix for I/O problems.
    Backported latest F2FS from Linux 4.12.
    Minor kernel updates.

    Apr. 27:
    Problems Solved:
    1. MTP
    2. ADB
    3. External SD Mount

    Features Added:
    F2FS - Note: This change ONLY makes it possible to operate F2FS in TWRP. You still need a F2FS-compatible KERNEL to boot into system with F2FS.

    Note: As MTP and ADB are available now, flashable zips will no longer be included. Please download them by yourself and transfer them from your computer to phone if you need them.
    Useful Links:
    Disable dm-verity and make encryption optional: https://build.nethunter.com/android-tools/no-verity-opt-encrypt/
    Magisk: https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk

    Apr. 24:
    Initial Release
    I am aware of compatibility issues related to newer bootloader.
    New version of TWRP will be released soon with support to newer BLs.
    New official builds will be released soon with support to newer BLs.
    At this moment, you can checkout Telegram channel for unofficial test builds.