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Nov 29, 2007
Mur4ik from 4pda made rom with recovery

here the rom with recovery
V20B - CIS from 20 of sept. (custom upgrated bootloader v0.8 - 210mb for fastboot upload)
you need
from archive
enter fastboot - CAMERA+POWER
if you saw a black screen with no logos - you are in fastboot "

you should write a command

fastboot flash recovery <recovery_name>.img

open recovery - HOME+POWER.

scrolling menu VOLUME UP/VOLUME DOWN, select item SEND CALL, return/cancel END OF CALL.

FAT partition on memory card must be last

P. S.

appsboot.mbn and appsboothd.mbn - loader, if you would like to compile with another rom.

Sorry for my Russian.English
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Sep 30, 2010
Good stuff! I like what I'm reading. Just one question.. cant i just flash recovery.img into my phone with the Rom i have now? It has fastboot.

*EDIT* Well I tried and it didnt work.
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Sep 30, 2010
Yea I eventually figured that out.

Anyway, I give up on this recovery. I installed the bootloader Rom and kept trying to connect the fastboot mode on the phone to the pc but kept failing. Somehow inbetween everything I bricked my phone for hours. I then managed to flash it back to a stock 2.1 Rom only to find my screen was blank, even though the O.S was working fine...WEIRD!!! Then I had to flash from baltic Rom to Russian Rom to Black system Rom all over again to get my display back....

Im not touching this for a while now lol


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Nov 3, 2010
skribbler86, would you have some tipps on how to get back on a bricked phone? i just bricked my lgp500, as described in my other post. now i cant turn it on at all! ie. whatever buttons i press, it stays like the battery was empty (which it isnt)... any help is greatly appreciated :)

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