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[Recovery][P760/765/768][2013/11/24] TWRP Recovery

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Senior Member
Aug 17, 2011
I flashed zip verrsion for p760 and got kernel panic and restart loop,Use lelus fastboot method to revive it :p
Im on modded stock,so maybe thats the problem?
When i flashed old twrp 2.5 phone booted up normally :p

I use dd command to copy recovery image to /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 in flashable recovery. I'm not sure it will work in all recovery. For p760 recovery kernel, it's a unmodified kernel from CM 10.2. (Unlike P768 kernel which I added some OC/UV). For flashing recovery, I don't think it affect phone system partition at all. Maybe I miss something?
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Feb 15, 2013
I haven't used CWM for a while, so I don't remember everything. In twrp when you enter the flash option, there is "up one level" option. Use it to navigate anywhere in your phone, even /etc. As for the backup, at the bottom you have the option to save backup on external or internal SD.

Hope I helped, and sorry for being late.

Manu G. G.

New member
Nov 1, 2018
ehmm, I have a problem

Excuse me, when I enter to the downoad page, it send me to this page.

adjunt image:

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