[Recovery][R] TWRP|SHRP|OFRP|WETA Kernel (Snapdragon) [x98xx][17.Jan.2021]

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Thank you for letting me know! Just sold my exynos for $840 locally because i couldn't get the oem unlock to be recognized when try to root, bought it for $1050 so lost a few. Got a us model and rooted it up with working twrp! Super happy about this!
I think paying devs(if they ask) for stuff here on xda is the way to go because donations are always hit and miss, thats why i think (im my opinio) Phil got so fed up lol
There is no difference other than the processor. It doesn't affect root differently. The only reason to decide on Snapdragon or Exynos is based on the processor performance. Check out some YouTube videos like this one:

You can also pay $125-$135 to have the bootloader unlocked on the U.S. Snapdragon variant if you live in the U.S. and that is worth it to you. It generally takes a few days to around a week to get the bootloader unlocked that way.
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    USA stuff

    I personally own the SM-N9860 device. I successfully converted the csc region to USA (tmobile) by doing the following.

    1. Created a .tar of super.img from TH3 SM-N986U1 firmware (AP)
    2. Created a .tar of prism.img.lz4, optics.img.lz4, cache.img.lz4, omr.img.lz4 from TH3 SM-N986U1 firmware (CSC)
    3. Flash with odin, super.tar in the AP slot, and the CSC.tar in the CSC slot.
    4. Boot into stock recovery and perform a factory reset

    You will also need to edit mps_code.dat inside /efs/imei to reflect the carrier you desire. This needs to be done from a rooted system or from TWRP. After doing this and rebooting, you will be booted into your carriers system.

    c1q = note 20
    c2q = note 20 ultra
    x1q = s20
    y2q = s20 plus
    z3q = s20 ultra
    TWRP 3.5.0-10

    Updated recovery to 3.5



    unofficial TWRP 3.5.0 for SM-N986x Snapdragon

    *** This will only work on Snapdragon devices with an unlocked bootloader, but is technically compatible with all snapdragon Note 20 Ultra devices.

    SM-N9860 - SM-N986U/U1

    Telegram thread

    Built using OMNI source 10.0
    TWRP v3.5.0

    See post #2 for install steps



    Initial build
    MTP, OTG and SDcard all working
    Encryption not working

    Fixed brightness
    Updated kernel

    * Android R only
    * If you are using any other version of twrp for R, I would update. Same with kernel.

    Updated twrp to latest bleeding edge
    Fastboot now functional in twrp
    Keyrefuge and keystore now wipeable

    TWRP Downloads

    TWRP 3.5.0 Downloads
    WETA Kernel Downloads
    OrangeFox Downloads
    SkyHawk Downloads
    Forced Encryption Disabler (included in TWRPx)
    Telegram thread


    Beer fund

    XDA:DevDB Information

    TWRP Note 20 Ultra (snapdragon), Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Mentalmuso, mentalmuso
    Source Code: - Kernel Source | Device tree c2q | Device tree c1q

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 3.4.0-1

    Created 2020-09-08
    Last Updated 2020-09-08
    Mentalmuso... Im getting ready to BL unlock my v3.0 Note20U1, then TWRP and Root using the files jrkruse just created today in his new thread...

    After all that goodness is done (made very easy for us), I would like to try out WETA Kernel with my new v3.1 setup...

    Do you foresee any issues with compatibility with the v3.1 system over the v3.0 unlocked BL and TWRP Recovery version Provide by @afaneh92, etc.???

    And does the standard TWRP kernel-install process apply here???

    Not really sure what you're asking, my kernel is based off 3.1 source, and I can't endorse someone else's twrp in my own twrp thread when all I use is my own twrp.
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