[RECOVERY][ROOT] Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Dual SIM (GT-I9192)

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Nov 26, 2015
Doesn't work (for me)

So I had a lot of problems with this one...
Basicaly the CWM6 file attached to this thread leeds to my phone being bricked.
I have a Galaxy S4 mini GT-I9192 DUOS.

If u are having same isue, flush stock rome using odin. If u dont have one go to http://www.sammobile.com/, how ever be avear that u will have to join, and the download speed is aweful :rolleyes:
And if u still want to root ur I9192, then here is a thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2494435, were the attached CWM6 file worked for me.

PS. the rootkit works fine, its just the CWM6 wich f**ked me over :silly:

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    Hey guys, I finally made it with the rooting of the Galaxy S4 Mini Dual Sim variant (GT-I9192 model / SerranoDS)
    Use the files attached and the procedure below to achieve root on your device.

    This process and the files in this post will void your warranty. 
    You are responsible for your actions.
    Using these modifications might render your device unusable. 
    Only proceed if you are comfortable with this fact.

    WARNING: Do not use this procedure for any other device than the GT-I9192 (the dual sim model)!!!
    This rooted kernel is for the XXUAMF7 stock ROM and it may or may not work correctly with other stock versions.

    This root/recovery was only tested on EURO / AFRICA models of the I9192. Other regions may not be compatible.

    Onto the procedure:

    • Download and extract the kernel, recovery & ODIN flashing utility "ROOT_I9192_CWM6_Kernel.zip" and save it to your computer from here. The recovery image was initially created by arco68 (thanks and credits go to him for the recovery!)
    • Download and copy the "GT-I9192-RootKit-v2.zip" to your device SD card, from here.
    • Turn off the phone.
    • Press and hold home, volume down and power. Download screen should appear.
    • Connect USB cable, and press volume up.
    • Start Odin, make sure "F. Reset Time" is not checked, and then click PDA button to select the recovery image.
    • Select "ROOT_I9192_CWM6_Kernel.tar" file, and press Start button. The phone will reboot when finished flashing a new kernel and recovery.
    • Reboot into recovery mode and select the option to install the ZIP file you have previously copied to your device and begin flashing it.
    • After flashing using CWM, reboot into system and enjoy your rooted device.

    Root procedure functionality:

    - Root access (obviously)
    - Insecure boot process (early adb/logcat, QtAdb support, adb root support)
    - Insecure kernel (disabled Samsung setuid prevention mechanisms - credits go to arco68!)

    Note: After rooting you will get notifications about applications doing not permitted actions. This is a good thing, meaning that Samsung has properly implemented the security features of this device, features that we are trying to defeat. To get rid of this notification freeze/disable or remove the following three packages:

    - KNOXAgent.apk
    - KNOXStore.apk
    - ContainerAgent.apk

    That's it, you warranty is now void! Have fun with your device! And keep those thanks coming to show your support for the device development.

    i trying to make custom kernel , i downloaded the sources from samsung open source, but these sources doesn't create the wifi modules, i tried hard to make wifi working but there is no success yet.
    contacted to samsung open source comunity for new sources but nothing happened till now.

    i try to make custom rom as soon.
    ROOT-soultion for any Kernel


    today I've tried to root my new S4 Mini Dual-SIM and after hours and lot reboots I've found a methode how it works for any installed kernel!

    I've not used the files in this post but from the XDA-Developer arco68 and modified this a little with current versions.
    So, I've packed all tools you need in a zip-file, a how-to and solutions for recurring problems during the root-process in german and english too.

    Also I've describes a solution for the KNOX-problem. Here you have to use the adb shell terminal-windows. (is describes how.)

    The package contains:
    - Odin v3.09
    - S4Mini-RootKit v3
    - CWM v6.0.4.4
    - ADB Toolkit

    Now, here's a short overview about the root-steps:

    1) copy the "S4Mini_RootKit_v3.zip" from folder-"02" to your SD-card
    2) turn off your phone
    3) press this combination: HOME + VOLUME DOWN + POWER
       The screen should show you the download-mode
    4) connect your phone with PC and agree with button: VOLUME UP
    5) Start the Odin-Flash-Tool; remove hook on "F. Reset Time" and press
        the "AP"-button.
    6) pick the file "recovery-clockwork-" from
        folder-"03" into "AD" and press the start-button.
        The phone will reset after flash.
    7) after the reset (the phone is vibrating) IMMADIATE press the buttons
        HOME + VOLUME UP to boot into the Recovery-mode
    8) Chose "install ZIP-file" --> the copied zip-file from pt.1!
    9) after installation of RootKit, the phone restarts itself.
    10) Enjoy your rooted phone.

    Than have fun with your new rooted phone!

    [Scrab] :cowboy:
    @cheatman, there's a patch recently released by Qualcomm, which I have applied to the CM kernel, that might help with battery drain some are having. This patch should be ok to be applied to stock kernel as well.


    Here is it - manual for gettin ROOT and CWMR in one operation:

    1. Download programs:
    (I use it) or Odin_v3.09.zip
    Samsung Kies

    2. UnRAR if necessary and install on your Comp programs SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.9.0.exe and Samsung KIES (all them must be run As Administrator), then restart your Comp. And you'd better use fully charged laptop.

    3. Unzip programs Odin_v3.07.zip & recovery-clockwork- (in one folder in a place you can easily find on C: drive of your Comp).
    Turn OFF antivirus program, Samsung KIES and al KIES-related processes (from Task Manager)

    4. Copy UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.34.zip in your Phone, in directory “storage/emulated/0” on SD card.

    5. Charge your phone battery at least till 75% (sometimes process lasts long and kills weak batteries). Turn off the phone. Press simultaneously and hold home, volume down and power. Download screen should appear (text and yellow triangle). Release buttons.
    Connect USB cable (you'd better use original tested cable and plug it into mounted-on-Motherboard USB nest, it's quite critical)
    If necessary, wait till drivers are installed on Comp again, then press volume up - you'll see green Android.

    6. Start Odin (run As Administrator), make sure that you see small yellow window (or blue one, depending on Odin) stating number of COM-port in upper left corner of the interface, Uncheck "Auto Reboot" then click PDA button to select the recovery image.
    Select "recovery-clockwork-" file, and press Start button.

    7. Wait till you see word “PASS” in left corner. Do not do anything before it appears.

    8. Remove USB cable and then remove and install back battery on your phone.
    NOTE: In theory if your device was already rooted it must remain, but practically I've heard a lot about problems with correct working of programs with root access after installation of CWM, so you'd better continue with the Rooting procedure:

    9. Do NOT turn the phone ON, just simultaneously hold power, volume up and home buttons to boot into recovery mode.
    Select the option "install zip” (navigation by “volume up/down”, choose/install using “home”, back with “power”), then “choose zip from sdcard”, then “0/” and chose “UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.34.zip”, say “YES - Install UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.34.zip”, wait till all is done.

    10. Go back using “Power” button and chose “reboot system now”, say “YES” if it asked something additionally.

    11. After reboot you can enjoy your rooted device with CWM. You'll see icon of the programm SuperSU in your Apps.

    12. You can Enter CWM Recovery by turning your phone off and pushing simultaneously power, volume up and home buttons. Hold them till you fill vibration and see blue words "RECOVERY BOOTING", then release buttons, wait till you see light-blue menu on grey and use it :)

    P.S. All above-mentioned steps were checked on my own i9192 and made using HP laptop running Win7 x64. All photos/screens made by my goodself :cowboy: Links to programs are in the top - just click on them :)