[Recovery] & [Root]【T210R & T210】 TWRP 3.0.0-0 [Unofficial]

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Oct 9, 2010
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hello twrp 3.0. I installed the version, but I can neither install a rom, nor can I root another. Even when I delete the files, the files come back when the tablet restarts by itself. It doesn't show up even when I install the original recovery. Has anyone encountered such a problem? I flashed a stock rom with odin, but it didn't fix even though it was installed. I throw stock rom, but twrp 3.0 is not going.
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are trying to say, but I think you are having trouble installing TWRP. Try installing TWRP again with ODIN and make sure you un-check the auto-reboot option. Instructions are in post #1.


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Jul 4, 2022
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are trying to say, but I think you are having trouble installing TWRP. Try installing TWRP again with ODIN and make sure you un-check the auto-reboot option. Instructions are in post #1.
I have no problem installing twrp, I installed it on my twrp 3.0 tab3 sm t-210 tablet and then I installed the super su program. The tablet started to reset itself. I downloaded the original software and reinstalled it with odin. but the original software I threw did not change the twrp software. When I want to delete anything on the tablet, it is not deleted or changed.

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    Updated to TWRP 3.0.0-0 on Feb 13, 2016.

    NOTE: The MTP feature of TWRP causes issues with ADB access while in recovery. You may need to toggle "Disable MTP" a from the "mounts" menu to get ADB access.

    TWRP does occasionally give a "failed to mount /system" error. If you get this error, simply reboot recovery and it should work.

    Now properly supports all set_metadata functions in newer updater-scripts.

    Click HERE to download the latest version.

    @ketut.kumajaya has provided us with a working zImage which I combined with his previous TWRP attempts to make this recovery.

    Please report any bugs here in this thread.

    Please take a moment to say thanks and/or donate to @ketut.kumajaya for helping us out.

    I have a T210R, so I haven't tested on a T210.

    Thank you to everyone who has (and still will) help in testing!!!!

    Credits go to:
    @ketut.kumajaya for getting this initially working (see THIS post)
    @Jamison904 for giving us root
    @hkjr for getting ketut to help
    and of course the Team Win group
    @Tomsgt for the video

    Link to kernel source https://github.com/kumajaya/android_kernel_samsung_lt02

    Watch THIS VIDEO tutorial for a step by step visual guide for performing the instructions listed below (thanks @Tomsgt for the video).

    Supplied in 3 formats:
    • Odin flashable tar.md5 (for first time installation)
    • Recovery flashable zip (requires a custom recovery to currently be installed)
    • .img file (for those who use Flashify or other direct methods).

    Instructions for ODIN:
    (use the one with "tar" in the name)
    1. Download ODIN on your computer.
    2. Power off the device.
    3. Restart in "Download Mode" by holding the "HOME" button, "Volume Down" and "Power" all at the same time (for about 5 seconds).
    4. Hit the "Volume Up" to enter download mode.
    5. Start the ODIN exe program. Un-check Auto Reboot. See notes about ODIN below.
    6. Connect the device via USB to your computer. Verify the device shows as "Added" in the Message box. If it doesn't show then you need the Samsung USB drivers (just install KIES to get them).
    7. Select "PDA" then choose the recovery file you want to flash.
    8. Hit "START". Wait for Odin to finish (~10-15 seconds). The message area will display "RES OK" when finished.
    9. Restart directly to recovery mode before rebooting into OS.(Hold POWER, Volume UP, and the HOME button all at the same time. When you see the Samsung Logo, let go of the POWER button, but keep holding the Volume UP and HOME until you see the recovery screen).

    After you get the custom recovery working, you can flash the latest SuperSu zip to get root.

    Internal card gets mounted as "/data/media". You'll have to hit "up a level" on the folder list on the left to find it.

    Notes about ODIN
    --Make sure that "Re-Partition" is NOT checked.
    --Auto Reboot can be un-checked if TWRP doesn't flash correctly on your device. Some have reported that un-checking Auto Reboot fixes this issue. If you un-check Auto Reboot, you will need to reboot the device yourself (refer back to step 10).

    Instructions for recovery flashable version:
    1. Boot into your previously installed custom recovery.
    2. Select the Install Zip option.
    3. Find the recovery zip.
    4. Flash.
    5. Reboot recovery.
    6. Enjoy your new recovery.

    Flash at own risk!!!!



    Click HERE to download the latest version.

    My English skills prevented me from commenting much but without @gr8nole dedication this is not unattainable. Don't be a leech, press his Thanks button.
    Updated to
    TWRP! Untested, flash at your own risk!

    T21x kernel change: https://github.com/kumajaya/android_kernel_samsung_lt02/commits/master