[RECOVERY][SHARE] TWRP Exclusive 3.2.1-5 (Treble + Non Treble)

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Nov 25, 2017
Hi, i am currently using twrp 3.2.2 and i am having backup issues (cant load data)..i am a non technical person...so please help..will this recovery solve my issues?
I am using cardinal 8.1 os ver. 5.7.0

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    This is all done in 4PDA forums by NFound. All credits goes to him. I'm just sharing it. It fully supports Treble. No problems with Magisk or whatsoever.

    TWRP Exclusive 3.2.1-5

    ● Based on latest TWRP (The "5" in title comes from version updates)
    ● Two versions > Non-Treble and Treble (Yikes!)
    ● Recovery sources updated to 8.1.0
    ● Removed all languages except English and Russian
    ● Removed TWRP App advertisements
    ● Extended backup/restore partitions (Backup everything!)
    ● Extended rebooting options (To some weird places!)
    ● Option to add init.d support
    ● Option to add Aptx codec support
    ● Option to enable Camera2 API
    ● Option to enable hardware keys in recovery (Disables screen-on keys)
    ● Option to delete Substraum layers
    ● Option to delete root
    ● Option to delete lockscreen passwords
    ● Option to reset battery stats
    ● Option to disable dm-verity and encryption
    ● Torch support (Cause why not ?)
    ● Comes with a custom theme
    ● No support for F2FS (Sorry)
    There are options to add Magisk/SuperSU. But they're probably outdated. I don't suggest to use this options on Treble ROMs. I don't test it either.

    You posted download links to 4pda forum, do you realize 99% of the people will not be able to download it or register. (cyrylic captcha)
    Here you have AFH mirrors:

    Normal version - TWRP_3.2.1-5_mido.img
    Treble version - TWRP_3.2.1-5.mido-treble.img
    TWRP 3.2.1-7 by NFound
    • Magisk v16.0
    • Support for F2FS
    • Who did not have the correct date / time - now should be the fixed
    • Support for Treble
    • Unblocking from the Google account (zeroing FRP)
    • Support for ebbg displays
    • Fix: fixed date and time, while formatting Data TWRP settings do not fly off
    • In Backup there is now only one point of EFS backup

    How to update without using any pc. Just a phone only it's possible?

    Just download the file place it in the internel
    Then boot into twrp and select install and go to the respective folder and select install image (in bottom right screen ) now you can see twrp ...just click it and it will show option as
    1. boot
    2. recovery
    3. system image

    Check recovery and swipe to confirm flash....and the new twrp will be flashed you can check by switch on the phone and boot to recovery

    Give it a thumbs up(thanks) if it helps.
    Or pm me
    If i use rom & this twrp treble version then i want to back to miui what is the specific steps to avoid error or maybe brick??

    Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik cache, vendor,
    Install normal TWRP,
    Flash MIUI