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【recovery】TeamWim Recovery Project for Nokia 6

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2017
Anyone send me a supersu.zip and recovery image to nokia 6 nougat 7.1.1? links in this theard is dead :C


New member
Jul 11, 2018
please send me the full back up

Hello guys i installed this TWRP successfully but i'm having a problem.
I just accidently wiped EVERYTHING on my phone and now it's having no OS. I can only boot to TWRP.
So anyone using this TWRP and having the full back up can you send it to me please?
Thanks in advanced.

manoj dj

Oct 6, 2018
I need help guys
Nokia 6 2017 new smartphone to install twrp on device while pressing + and powerbutton and typed fastboot reboot but it fail to install twrp on phone
While holding both button it reboot serval time
After rebooting to normal i coudnt even go to normal recovery mode
I dont know why can anyone help me

manoj dj

Oct 6, 2018
Yes i rooted and installed twrp however it installed magisk su .instead off super su what to do?
I got original twrp from mega folder.

manoj dj

Oct 6, 2018
Help me some one how to update magiska 17.1 on Nokia 6 plz

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While updating magiska it fail to boot and brick so help me. I uninstalled 16.1 version and installed 17.1 but have same brick issue

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    only TA-1003!!!

    if you are using TA-1000,you have to flash this before.

    Nokia6 Qitu twrp 3.1.1 recovery Toolkit (9008 ports, miflash brush into), is the world's first bar, recovery function is normal, with root function
    download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhvzBzjU0o8filtloJ6szD51cGtT
    Recovery automatically decrypt data, without formatting, function properly
    This mobile phone is special, unable to unlock, need to enter the 9008 port recovery flash method, similar to coolpad1, you can use the new version of the miflash
    Recovery advanced, there are supersu root function, be sure to flash this root, or restart directly, 99% may not boot, do not use other link to download the supersu.
    As for how to enter 9008 cmd:ADB reboot EDL can not, short access
    As for how to enter the recovery, l do not know how to enter, ADB reboot recovery can enter or terminal:reboot recovery
    bug:i don't know

    this is Chinese twrp ,If you are speaking English, please try the English twrp theme.
    I've discovered something interesting tonight. Using the patched flasher that can be found in the MENA firmware thread, I have been able to flash this recovery to the phone without putting it into any special edl mode or using flash cables.

    To do so:
    1. Open the patched program
    2. Load up a valid nb0 file, but do not flash this file to the phone! We simply need it for the next step
    3. Click the "Edit phone" button, watch your phone wait for it to reboot back into the bootloader
    4. Wait just a few more seconds
    5. Enter the command "fastboot flash recovery <recovery file name>.img
    6. Recovery will successfully flash to the phone
    7. Enter the command "fastboot continue"

    You will then be brought back to your Android system. From there you can adb into recovery where your custom recovery will be installed! Whenever you reboot from recovery it may hang on the bootloader. YOU MUST USE THE FASTBOOT CONTINUE COMMAND TO GET OUT OF THIS!!!

    EDIT: Scratch all that guys, just use "fastboot continue" to get unstuck from Bootloader. I am happy to announce that I too have achieved root with no flash cables or special modes!
    Can you please add some more detail to the post? Like something for a noob user? :p
    maybe you should this
    after flash this firmware
    1.install miflash
    2.download recovery.zip
    3.unpack recovery.zip(you can get a folder named recover)
    4.lunch miflash in start menu
    5.Click “drive” above miflash and click “reinstall”
    6.Restart the computer, disable the driver mandatory signature
    7.lunch miflash,click ”select“ and select recovery floder
    8.enter your phone into com9008 mode
    9.Connect the computer and mobile phone by using cable
    10.click “load device(
    Anyone send me a supersu.zip and recovery image to nokia 6 nougat 7.1.1? links in this theard is dead :C
    There ya go, this is the original 7to recovery su zip
    Great way to root the Nokia I am having myself TA 1021. Personally I want to wait for a stable English Teamwin. Thought I wanted to ask some questions. After you root nokia 6 how do you update to the latest patch ? Second what do you mean the version 7.1.2 isn't compatible anymore ?

    Whenever you update your phone, you will have to re-root it. It appears, unless I am doing it wrong, that in the 7.1.2 update they have made some adjustment in the boot process that writes the stock recovery over whatever new recovery you have created when you turn on your phone. Meaning, you can still flash whatever recovery you want to the recovery partition, but when your phone boots up it will be overwritten by the stock recovery.

    Suggested fix for now? Don't upgrade to the 7.1.2 patch I guess and my method of rooting should still work.