[RECOVERY] TWRP for Shield TV (all variants)

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    I was going to wait for this device to be added to devdb to make a release thread, but that's being delayed, if it'll ever happen. So, I'm making this thread as a placeholder. No big fancy text, just a known problem list and the release. If you're looking for this, you probably know what to do with it. Everything should work from flashing to backup and restore from all external media. If it doesn't, please report it.

    1. This is a multirom edition of twrp, but there's no multirom support yet.
    2. My wireless keyboard / mouse combo (an old Logitech MX something or another) fails to initialize the mouse on boot. I have to unplug and replug the USB receiver for the mouse to work. My wired mouse doesn't do this. I'm curious if anyone else sees a similar problem or if there's something weird with my hardware.

    device (branch cm-12.1-mrom)

    For Android M:
    Known Issue: This release does not work on 4K displays. It boots to a black screen. Please use a 1080p display for TWRP until this is fixed.

    For Android L:

    Alright, here's a test release. Should be fully functional, but it has the screen refresh problem like the tablet does. However, it's less annoying here because the screen refreshes when the mouse moves. It's an upstream TWRP build because the multirom interface doesn't have a landscape theme yet, so it looks horrible on here. And I don't yet have the kernel and kexec-tools done, so no point. Multirom is working on the Nexus 6P, so I should be able to finish up support here once CM stabilizes a bit.

    I'm surprised it boots at all. With the bootloader update similar to the tablets, I wouldn't expect the kernel to work. In any case, the official update is out, so I'll be updating and making a new release asap. I do have stuff going on all day today, though. I'll try to get a build tested and out tonight, but it might not happen until tomorrow.
    Well, good news. Been tinkering with the leaked vulkan image. Looks like Nvidia fixed the two major bootloader issues. I'm working on a new TWRP build. Not certain whether I'll release it yet, though. Probably not. Even though the kernel is using the shieldtablet branch (yes, believe it or not, Nvidia is actually making a unified kernel), the init stuff is pulled from the leaked ota. I don't want to release until it's all in the clear. Hopefully, that will be soon. And when it does, I should have a release out same day. Then I'll finally be able to ditch this thread and make a real devdb project...
    Sorry I haven't done much here recently. I've got everything pushed to official twrp, just need to actually sit down, check the last couple things, and tell them to run the official build. This will be up to date twrp 3.0.2, working adopted storage, all the bells and whistles, etc. Only thing that probably won't work will be 4k and I still don't have the hardware to test/fix that.