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[RECOVERY][TWRP 3.1.0-1] Galaxy Tab A SM-T350/355/357/550/555 SM-P350/355/550/555

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Feb 17, 2016
@fire_qc the simplest approach is to wait a few weeks until battery died. your tablet most likely stucks in aboot because of the downgrade protection.

My brother gave this tablet to me, after service center "tried everything" and laying around for months. He was beeing told unable to flash via Odin.

I just flashed latest available ROM and he was very surprised. Only problem is locked bootloader now
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Sep 18, 2020
... did service center even open the housing and short-circuit test point? if so, i am very interested where these test points located for this tablet
True, we don't know what the service centre did, whether they knew where the test pins are on this particular device, etc. Perhaps they didn't know / didn't bother to check thoroughly.

It would be good to know just what its status really was! And if the mainboard really was dead, how it got that way.


Senior Member
Nov 16, 2017
Hey guys, can anyone compile an updated version for SM-T555 (gt510lte) please?
3.3.1 is available at

There's no real world benefit past 3.3.1 for just updating/flashing your custom rom.


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Nov 16, 2017
And TWRP 3.3.1 works according to this thread as per @Schaagi


and they were able to load 17.1 and 18.1 on T555. I have worked with Schaagi before on the T550.
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Jul 29, 2009
Here the steps for the installation of the Lineage OS 18.1 on SM-T555 (gt510lte).
How to use ODIN or HEIMDALL, please use the Readme's or the other documentationes of these software for flashing this devices!

For damage, bricking or loosing datas I 'm not responsable, also please read it carafully step by step and make first an backup of this devices. How to uses backup or install, please use the searching function in this forum or other searching machines.

Translated from German to English
Enter Odin Mode:
1. press Home & Vol- & PWR simultaneously.
Install twrp2.8 first, then the new versions!
2. heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --no-reboot
2.1 Extract the files from lineage-18.1-20210424-UNOFFICIAL-gt510lte.zip:
- system.new.dat.br
- boot.img
- system.transfer.list
2.2 brotli -d system.new.dat.br system.new.dat
2.3 ./sdat2img.py system.transfer.list system.new.dat system.img
2.4 heimdall flash --BOOT boot.img --no-reboot
2.5 Put back into download mode
2.6 heimdall flash --SYSTEM system.img

3 Home & Vol+ & PWR => twrp
3.1 In TRWP only execute "wipe Data".

Lineageos 18.1 Download:
Lineage 18.1

Heimdall, broti and dat2img.py - Linuxapplications, please have a look in to your repo.
dat2img.py: dat2img
Brotli: Brotli

Bugs: In this moment unkown.

Let's have a look an cross the finges for installing


Senior Member
Nov 16, 2017
Here the steps for the installation of the Lineage OS 18.1 on SM-T555 (gt510lte).
The easier way it to install TWRP 3.3.1, then install LineageOS 18.1 using TWRP 3.3.1. Its the "common" way to install LineageOS and likely to be more successful for all types of users.

@Schaagi already done the above at

Older versions of TWRP can't read the device name correctly or not coded to read the device name so it's returned back to the LineageOS updater script as a blank value.

Blank value != SM-T555 so updater-script will fail and not flash rom.

Older versions of TWRP can be made to bypass this safety feature by removing the assert statements in the updater-script.


Jun 30, 2015
Because the above TWRP 3.3.1 has a too big size, it's not working on the T555. That's the reason why I have recompiled it. Now the size is about 14 MB and can be installed on the tablet now.

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