[RECOVERY] TWRP for lt02 (SM-T210(R)/SM-T211)

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Nov 3, 2012
I think that T210 (as others have said) will never move past KitKat. Our only hope for now is pmOS which is really unstable and most things are not working properly.
I've managed to get the sound working on a chrooted Debian over my T110, should also work on T210, but yet I didn't figured out how to enable hardware acceleration.
The thing is using chroot you can initialize the hardware using Android then stop Android all together and load the X11 on chroot which will have direct access to fb0 (display) and doesn't depend on Android at all.
WOW! That's great! Only problem is that you still rely on Android for initialization and it seems to difficult for me (a complete noob) to accomplish. Also we can get working hardware acceleration if we manage to bump the kernel one major version higher in order to use the etnaviv driver.


May 27, 2022
I'm really looking forward where this is going, especially the talks of getting it over kitkat, sadly it's a pain in the arse to do, also lt02 will gonna bug out installers that find lt02wifi ect


May 27, 2022
For some reason with that recovery I can't boot the system (just boots me in recovery every time, even tried power off), it happened after trying to copy the zip file to internal storage from computer to tab. Flashing TWRP by gr8nole fixed the problem.
yeah same here, cant drag the files while on twrp too, thank god for the sd card reader.

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    Team Win Recovery Project Official
    For SM-T210(R)/SM-T211 (lt02)

    Please make sure to (y) this thread if you like the port! :)

    • Temperature is not available because the kernel does not support it.
    • Google apps install does not work (Fixed in latest nightly release!)

    All nightly releases are on our build repository. DOWNLOAD
    All standard releases are on the TWRP website. DOWNLOAD

    Source Code
    Discord Server

    Just as a heads up, any installers that check for the correct device before installing using the "assert(getprop("ro.product.device")" line in the install script may give an error since you have the product showing as "lt02" (as opposed to lt02wifi, lt023g, etc.) for this recovery. Won't likely be an issue unless someone gets a device-specific version of a source built rom working (Lineage, Omni, etc.). Most customized versions of stock-based roms won't have that line in the install script.
    This has inspired me to TRY to create a custom rom for the T210R.

    I'm trying diligently to make one based on CM 14.1.

    Anyone have any ideas, I'm more than happy to collaborate.

    Thanks for the recovery!
    Thanks for maintaining TWRP for this almost 9 year old tablet! It's about time it gets official support. Works perfectly on my SM-T2105.
    We'll probably never get a custom ROM except for modified stock ones anyways lol. 😥
    CM11 exist, there are plans to fix bugs.