[RECOVERY] TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A41 [SM-A415F]

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TWRP Recovery Project for the Samsung Galaxy A41 [Only for Android 11 Devices, will be upgraded soon.]

Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP for short. Its a fully touch driven user interface, completely theme-able & you can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.
Now ported to the SM-A415F.​

I am not responsible for any bricked imei, when flashing TWRP backup the EFS & NVRAM partitions to be safe, do not root until having an actually good working backup, if you signal goes restore your backup, if you didn't have a previous backup I got a fix for you , flash your firmware as always but on the CP slot in Odin Flash Tool get the CP slot from a CUD4 firmware corresponding your CSC code.

A mantainer is required for this device, I just revived the project but someone with the device needs to mantain it.

Download - You'll always find the latest release in here [Not recommended atm as various bugs are present]: https://github.com/Galaxy-MT6768/android_device_samsung_a41xx/releases

Known Issues / Report Issues - https://github.com/Galaxy-MT6768/android_device_samsung_a31nsxx/issues

How to install​

[Boot Into Download mode by inserting an usb cable while holding both volume buttons]
Flash the latest .tar release from releases, it may require Magisk patched vbmeta.img
Hold the recovery combination (Volume Up + Power) while the .tar is flashing via the odin tool.
When booted up into TWRP go Flash and flash this zip, then go to Wipe > Format Data, all your data will be lost.
You can now boot into your system and do whatever you want.


Special thanks to:​

TeamWin for the Recovery Project.
Akhil1999 for his kernel.
Zillion for re-doing Akhil's lost device tree.
Actual TWRP status: Bugfixing; Try at your own risk and only if you know what you're doing.
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Dec 29, 2020
I have One question: of everything gone wrong. Can i go in download mode and let Odin fix all?


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Aug 22, 2022
Hi guys, i have a question.
It would be possible to flash a gsi rom in this phone. and if so, how can it be done?

Because when I try to install the rom the phone goes into bootloop

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