[RECOVERY] [TWRP] For YU Yunique YU4711

Are YU Happy with my Work ?

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    Don't U Think U should thank us both By tapping thank button?
    Actually, when I use volume down and power combination it goes in device test mode and I have to use command adb reboot recovery to get into recovery and when I am there I found stock android recovery. In fastboot mode after installing TWRP, I don't know command for reboot in recovery(in fastboot).

    Flash twrp with PC:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

    then boot it by following:

    fastboot boot twrp.img
    Just got my phone yesterday. Will first check and test hardware and decide if something is amiss so that I can return it.
    Then I will try your work. I am so relieved to have a custom recovery and root is available for this handset.
    Till now been using only and only HTC since ten years....
    This is a kind of 'backup' piece.

    Looking forward to a custom ROM ...because though there is no junk OEM installs ...there is only around 4 GB internal memory available.

    Thanks Anurag.
    I'm having a bit of an issue which i hope one of you can help.
    I got the phone today, everything was working, so I decided to Unlock and install TWRP
    everything went good
    but when I pressed Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
    The phone just stays on black screen
    I get no ADB or FASTBOOT anymore
    PC detects some "QHUSB_BULK" device

    I can't turn it off, it won't respond to anything
    did i just kill it by install TWRP ?
    On the black screen you get fastboot mode. On pc, you need to install the drivers. Google qhusb_bulk drivers installation and follow the instructions. After installing the drivers, you will get fastboot and adb.
    Installing custom recovery doesn't affect this.

    Hit thanks button if i helped. :)
    I have Yu Yuniqe 2GB RAM model is this diffrent from 1GB's Model because my Twrp recovery isn't working properly can't flash CM also plx help me