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May 7, 2012
Surprise, Az
Experimental and under development, certain functions may cause damage up to and including data loss and bricking!

Full touch UI
Working mounts for system, data, cache, external sd
AROMA compatible
4.2 Jellybean Compatible


Fixed mounts, access to external SD for backup/restore and flashing.

Updated to Automounts external SD, built against JB Source, curtain animation removed, 4.2 compatible.

Installation Instructions:
This assumes you still have your drivers from when you rooted, and you have an unlocked bootloader. If not, go unlock it.
Download the recovery image someplace useful, like where you have fastboot installed, or c:\twrp
Reboot into download mode (fastboot mode) by powering on holding volume down, then selecting the usb icon with volume down then power to select.
On the PC, type fastboot flash recovery twrp-thrive.img
Once it's done (should be like 3 seconds) type fastboot reboot then hold down volume down again, this time selecting recovery
Enjoy TWRP recovery!

Alternate Installation:

Flash the TWRP flashable zip in CWM same as you would flash any ROM/Kernel.

Uses the Balthesaur Kernel
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