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Oct 6, 2015
I would like to thank PBRP, Teamwin for their amazing work!

As usual, I am not responsible for damage to your device, you, the user is choosing to make these modifications.
Your device's warranty is VOID if this procedure is followed, Proceed at your own caution!

With the new update of Android 10 for our device SM-M305[F] / M305[M], Samsung reimplemented RMM and called it KG(KnoxGuard), there is confusion in the device community on how to install TWRP and root device.

Follow these updated instructions to get PBRP working with Latest Stock Firmware.
This thread will be updated regularly.


Steps to get PBRP working with stock firmware

First of all flash completely stock firmware, you can always root with Magisk later.

If you are rooted and have PBRP installed already and you are not on Latest Firmware mentioned above then flash latest firmware.
Select BL, AP, CP, CSC (Use HOME_CSC).
Never only flash AP, will cause your /data to shrink.

Once you're updated to latest firmware mentioned above, make sure you unlock your bootloader.
Go into Settings>Software Info>Tap build number seven times.
Go into Settings>Developer Options>OEM Unlock & enable it.
It will prompt you with password/pin confirming to unlock bootloader. Device will reboot and wipe itself.

Setup device once it reboots and again enable developer options and see OEM unlock to be enabled and togglable.

Next enable USB debugging in Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging.
Open up ADB/FASTBOOT Utility on your computer and connect your device with USB C cable.
Type in following commands without the quotations.

1."adb reboot download" ; reboots your device into Download mode, can flash device via Odin Downloader(Windows) or Heimdall Utility(Linux)

2.Download the attached PBRP.tar if you're using Odin or PBRP.img if you're using Heimdall to flash.

3.Flash the TWRP recovery by

Clicking AP in Odin and make sure the Repartition and Auto Reboot boxes are UNTICKED/NOT SELECTED.
Click Start at bottom.

Open up a terminal window in the directory where twrp.img is downloaded.
Type in heimdall flash --RECOVERY pbrp.img --no-reboot

4.Once flash is complete, press Volume Down+Power Button to shutdown and as soon as screen is black IMMEDIATELY PRESS AND HOLD VOLUME UP+POWER Button and let go of Power button when you see samsung logo, continue holding Volume Up until device boots into TWRP.

5.Once device boots into PBRP, swipe to allow modifications and then Click Wipe>Format Data>type in "yes". This will format everything and reset the device.

6.Go into Wipe>Advanced Wipe>Tick only Cache and swipe to wipe it.

7.Reboot back into recovery by Reboot>Recovery>Do not Install.

8.Once rebooted back into PBRP, transfer the attached zip to phone Internal or SDcard, DO NOT RENAME THE ZIP.

9.Flash the zip by, Install > Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt_03.04.2020.zip, swipe to flash it.

10.Wipe cache and dalvik cache, reboot into system by, Reboot > System > Do not install.

11.Device will boot into Android, wait patiently for about 15mins.

12.Once device boots, setup as usual, you will need internet.

13.Voila! You have successfully installed PBRP alongside Stock firmware.

Thanks to @MiyamuraNEET for his persistent testing and timely directions that helped me to bring you this guide.
Thanks to @SahilSonar for bringing TWRP to our device initially
Thanks to @Akhil99 (me) for fixing MTP/ADB in TWRP recovery and bringing you this guide.


1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/gtjj6p0ou3hikz9/PBRP-m30lte-3.0.0-20201222-1227-UNOFFICIAL.img/file
2. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wi9v33cr8mkjyay/PBRP-m30lte-3.0.0-20201222-1227-UNOFFICIAL.zip/file

Disable DM_Verity_ForceEncrypt : https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=8889791610682882483

XDA:DevDB Information
[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL]PitchBlackRecoveryProject 3.0.0 [m30lte], Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy M30


Source Code: https://github.com/akhil1999/pbrp_device_samsung_m30lte

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Stable Release Date: 2020-12-22

Created 2020-12-22
Last Updated 2020-12-22


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