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[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.2 for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

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    After @geiti94 and @ianmacd started the ball rolling for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series (Exynos 9820), it was really only a matter of time until we could do the same for the 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (Exynos 7904). The kernel source was released last May, allowing me to build a custom kernel with many of the problematic Knox security features disabled. What's posted below is a work in progress, but it should suffice to unblock efforts to build custom ROMs for this impressive tablet.

    • The current process requires you to reset to factory defaults to remove file-based encryption. Remember to backup your data!
    • Custom kernels are specific to OEM releases, and rely on the latest posted kernel source (T510XXU4BUA1).
    • This is unofficial and unsupported, so the usual caveats apply. Since we don't flash the bootloader, you should be able recover from any problems...but nothing is guaranteed.

    Not working:
    • Support for file-based encryption

    Build archives:

    Change Log:
    • Updated to T510XXU4BUA1 posted kernel source.
    • Updated to TWRP 3.5.1 release built from android-9.0 branch.
    • Updated to T510XXU3BTK1 posted kernel source.
    • Updated to TWRP 3.5.0 release built from android-9.0 branch.
    • Updated to TWRP v3.4.0 source
    • Updated to latest custom kernel
    • Updated to latest custom kernel
    • Switched to .img file for installation from TWRP
    • Fixed hang on splash with encrypted user data partition
    • Added OTA update (.zip) for installation from TWRP
    • Fixed MTP support in a way that supports Magisk
    • Fixed MTP support
    • Included boot image with custom kernel
    • Deprecated separate NoKnox releases
    • Changed system partition mount point to /system_root
    • Fixed screen brightness control
    • Restored screen timeout

    From OEM stock firmware:
    • Unlock bootloader
    • Hold Vol Up & Vol Down buttons during restart to enter Download mode
    • Install TWRP to AP with Odin
    • Hold Power & Vol Up buttons during restart to enter TWRP recovery
    • Install latest Multidisabler from TWRP
    • Wipe->Format Data
    • Reboot to system
    From existing TWRP install: (No need for data wipe.)
    • Hold Power & Vol Up during restart to enter TWRP recovery
    • Tap Install->Install Image, select your image (.img) file, pick Recovery partition, and then swipe to install
    • Reboot to system

    What about rooting with Magisk?
    These images are not supplied pre-rooted with Magisk, since it's against the terms of use laid out by Magisk's developer, John Wu. To root the TWRP image yourself, simply use Magisk Manager to Select and Patch a File. More details on this process are available from @ianmacd's topic for the Galaxy S10 series here.


    • Your support is always appreciated! Just click here.
    Source code of SM-T510 Android 10
    on https://opensource.samsung.com/uploadSearch
    ...and we just got a new drop of the AOSP 10 GSI. Please stand by...
    Just a quick update: Samsung posted the T515XXS3ASK5 source last night, so I expect T510XXS2ASK5 to follow soon. When that happens, I'll update TWRP for both the SM-T510 and SM-T515.
    As soon as kernel source is posted for T515XXS4ATE3, I'll post that too.


    Change Log:
    • Updated to TWRP v3.4.0 source
    • Updated to latest custom kernel
    I just released a TWRP build for the T510XXS3ATB4 kernel, which just had its source posted by Samsung today.