[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.x for Redmi K30 5G [picasso]

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- Updated source codes to the current ones
- Updated graphics
- Removal of the LogCat log
- a patch to prevent the replacement of twrp stock recovery (for of.MIUI)
- install Magisk v23.0 and uninstall it
- AVB protection removal patch (for OFIUI on 11 android).
- script for full conversion of Super to RW partition (by brigudav)
- script for mounting dynamic partitions in RW (by brigudav)
- script for disabling forced encryption (by brigudav)
- script for disabling partition logging (by brigudav)
- installation of a module for Magisk to pass the SafetyNet test
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- Updated sources TWRP
- Added support for encrypting firmware with OSS Vendor
- Safetynet module update for MIUI
- Added cleaning of Super partitions;
- Added a backup and the ability to install images of the Super partition;
- Fixed translations
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