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Dec 24, 2011
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Google Pixel 5a
Sadly I think there is way more ot this bug..

Flashed TWRP will not save it's settings, so each time I load the flashed twrp recovery, it's as if I never used it before, and have to disable vibration settings. It's also having AVC issue as well...I can't really narrow it down :/
I can't debug it since I am not running A11 but from your logs posted earlier it looks like twrp is using /data/media/TWRP folder for settings and backup and not /data/media/0/TWRP as it should if internal storage is decrypted... Is it decrypted? Looks like not... Do you see your files in /sdcard? Do you have pin/pattern/password setup in android?
Decryption issues explain twrp settings not saved. TWRP is pretty much useless if internal storage is encrypted....
AVC denials are just reported but not a problem since SELinux is permissive...
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I must say that this is annoying.
If I attempt to install Lineage it hoses a ton of partitions. Resulting in the need to reflash stock.
I thought I had a screenshot of it in TWRP after attempting the install, but it seems TWRP wont write to my storage(USB Flash).
after that the device is in an unbootable state. defaulting to bootloader.
What am I missing here.

fastboot boot twrp.img
install twrp from booted image, via advanced menu
either sideload or flash lineage rom zip by any means
Expect it to work and not break things like /vendor
Start over and reflash stock because something got broken.

logs soon if I can replicate it without much issue.

I'd almost speculate that it no longer works with Android 11/Lineage. It seems to work after installing lineage, booting it, then going back and applying the image via twrp advanced menu. Also inconsistently leaves me without touch. Not just a delay, but touch, just not working. and yes, vibrator issue, disabling vibration fixes the delay. copying boot_b to boot_a also fixed all of the issues.
Seems to work with Lineage Recovery, no issue.
I'm stuck.
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Nov 24, 2012
Migrated to android 12, and that solved many issues.. Is there any eta from teamwin for android 12 decrypt? If I remove pass codes, I can no longer use finger prints to login :/

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    This is my unofficial built, fully working with A12 with some remarks:

    - internal storage decryption works but you have to set Screen lock to None or Swipe in Android Settings -> Security. If Pattern, Pin or Password are set storage decryption and MTP will not work until TeamWin fixes the code for A12.

    - nandroid backup/restore works but you might need to reboot Android a couple of times after restore until dalvic-cache fully rebuilds. Until then you will see black home screen background instead of your wallpaper... Just keep restarting until everything is back to normal.

    - DON'T MESS(WIPE) WITH METADATA in TWRP Advanced Wipe!!! If you do you can't boot Android until formatting data = factory reset.

    Install TWRP form within itself after boot with fastboot.

    Not tested on A11 so might have some bugs...
    recovery.log and logcat are helpful.

    To boot it connect USB and run these commands:

    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot boot twrp-3.6.0_11-0-barbet.img

    While in recovery you can install it permanently on the boot partitions by going to Advanced and pressing Flash current TWRP. Root will be lost so after that you have to reboot to bootloader again, fastboot boot your magisk patched boot.img, direct patch boot with magisk to get root back and reboot. Done. You have root and TWRP on device. To get to TWRP:
    adb reboot recovery

    Big thanks to @bigbiff, @Captain_Throwback and the entire TeamWin for their work!

    Source code:

    device tree - my GitHub
    recovery - TeamWin GitHub
    Updated... Please redownload from OP

    - fixed touchscreen not working on A11 ROMs(not tested but should work), please report...
    - fixed MTP on reconnecting

    Do not flash twrp-3.6.0_11-0-barbet.img!!! Install it form its Advanced meny ones booted with fastboot...
    I changed magisk.apk to and flashed it in twrp to get root back. Patching is not necessary. Also I have been able to update lineage and keep twrp. This is what I do. I download the new lineage update and place it on my otg cable, you can keep it in your internal storage if you don't have a security lock pin/pattern etc. I use a OTG cable because I have a security pattern set and it won't encrypt internal storage. I also have the gapps on there as well and the twrp.img file. If you update through the built in updater on the phone it will overwrite twrp with lineageos recovery and you will have to boot twrp again in the bootloader. My way, you won't ever have to do that. So what you do next is reboot to twrp and go to install, select the lineage update file and flash it. It will automatically flash it in the opposite slot which is what you want it to do. When it's done, twrp will be overwritten but all you have to do is select install again, and choose install image and select your twrp.img file and install it as recovery ramdisk. This will get twrp back because it was overwritten with LineageOS recovery when you installed update. Now install gapps, it will install them on the current slot which is what you want. After it's done, reboot to system and wait for the update to complete. Then reboot to recovery and flash in recovery again to get rooted again. Reboot to system and your done. If you update this way, don't forget the part to install twrp.img as recovery ramdisk before rebooting the phone otherwise twrp will be gone and you will have to boot it in bootloader again.
    You can actually just flash the Magisk.apk in TWRP now, no need to change to
    Updated... Please redownload from OP

    - fixed vibration haptics
    - synced with latest TeamWin code

    Do not flash twrp-3.6.0_11-0-barbet.img!!! Install it form its Advanced menu ones booted with fastboot...
    11 indicates TWRP source code branch.