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Dec 9, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A02s
Olá 👋 novato para isso desculpe ser um incômodo e perguntar. Eu sei que este modelo não estava listado, mas depois de ler o post de pessoas recebendo outros modelos não listados, pensei em perguntar sobre o meu modelo. Estou olhando para ver se isso funcionará no SM-A025U1/DS que é a versão Boost Mobile do a02s?

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Agradeço sua ajuda para responder à minha pergunta e espero poder fazer root neste modelo. Eu realmente gostaria de limpar o bloatware e tentar instalar o linage, pois outro membro conseguiu com sucesso no a02s.
so I have the same device..and I managed to install crdroid on it, but it keeps restarting by itself and I'm researching again how to fix the problem..


Oct 24, 2015
Currently we can unlock any US device with February security update or older, your device shipped with march security update.
How about the SM-S134DL which is the Staight Talk A03S CDMA varient? My security patch level is Dec 1 2021.


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Aug 11, 2022
Hi I patched everything using Odin but recovery mode is still the default. earlier you replied that you have to be fast but what does that even mean

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    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.

     * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or your getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Supported Models:
    Galaxy A02s A025F, A025M and A025G.

    Download & Guide:
    1. Unlock your bootloader.
    2. Download Galaxy A02s : a02q.
    3. Reboot to download mode and flash vbmeta_disabled.tar in AP slot and reboot. Device will reboot to stock recovery mode prompting you to wipe data so wipe data and reboot to download mode again.
    4. Put the TWRP tar for your device with Odin in the AP slot and click start.
    5. Reboot to recovery via recovery key combo.
    6. Disable encryption:
    - Go to Advanced > Terminal, type: multidisabler.​
    If vendor complain about free space left on device, will attempt to resize vendor. and it ask to - Run multidisabler again!.​
    - Type: multidisabler again. will see - Finished. when done.​
    7. Go back to Wipe > Format Data > type yes.
    8. Reboot to recovery.
    9. Flash magisk apk in twrp.
    10. Reboot to system, Enjoy.

    To disable encryption manually:
    You need to replace fileencryption=ice with encryptable=ice only in userdata line (maybe rest lines) in vendor/etc/fstab.qcom
    To avoid stock recovery restoration manually:
    Rename system/recovery-from-boot.p to recovery-from-boot.p.bak

    Live support is available via #twrp on Freenode with your IRC client or just click this link.


    - Encryption not fully working.

    TWRP team
    @jesec for unlock guide
    @ianmacd for multidisabler
    @CFKod & @Topser99 for testing

    Kernel tree
    Device tree
    Works perfectly. Thanks man.
    I disabled the bootloader and AVB. I installed TWRP with the Odin program. Although PASS appears, the stock recovery menu appears instead of the TWRP menu. What is the reason for this?
    Need to be quick to enter twrp
    Does anyone know if this method works on the sm-a025m version?

    Yes, read OP next time.
    Has anyone knows how to flash android on a physical device SAMSUNG A02S. I downloaded the source from Android website for 64bit version of Android 11 - arm64-eng - ran the compilation with command - m -j4 and now files get into folder out/target/product/generic_arm64 - There is a file system.img , I tried to flash using command fastboot flash system system.img , then phone is in boot loop. What to do with the other files in this folder?
    Do i need a source tree and if yes how can i make it to the phone :/ In one site they said just fastboot flashall -w for flashing but gives me error. command not found and FAILED.
    I thought also for ODIN way but files should be packed in format .tar.md5 and i dont know what to to with all the files in generic_arm64 folder. Someone help ?
    Build as GSI, if not you need to make device tree.
    I cant help you, search on how to make device tree and compile from source on xda guides